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Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

Apr 17, 2010
Magical meaning...

I just turned 34 and I have been doing magic since I was a child, it has always been about the skill to me. The ability to take anything and make almost a spiritual connection with someone by making there brain melt. I grew up with few friends always alone and then I found John Scarne and I read everything I could find. I was hooked with nothing but a deck of cards and the promise of bringing the truly amazing to life. No matter how much of a geek or nerd I was I could make your jaw drop.
Now I have some severe medical problems and a lot of time on my hands to perfect the impossible and no matter what I go through magic is always there to remind me that no matter what you can always Believe in the amazing and bend the truth.
Jonesboro Arkansas
Apr 4, 2009
Apple Valley. CA
WOW.. how has magic affected me?? thats a very good question for me.. i mean when i first saw magic i was amazed like everyone else would be, and i wanted to learn how to do it... so i looked into it and learned little card tricks here and there from youtube videos... and i did them to my family and they were amazed.. so i got into it more.. i looked on ebay for cool looking cards and i found the Bycycle Guardians.. so i got them and when i opened them i saw the ad for Theory 11... so i got on the site right away... and i was shocked that all these magicians where teaching the tricks... i think the first trick i got was Pressure.. and it took me like a day to perfect it.. so the next day i showed my family and they loved it.. then i thought "what if i do it at school".. and with me then being really shy and quiet it would have been a change for me... i went in to my friends playing with a balloon and they asked why i was doing that.. so i asked for their phone and showed them the trick.. they just got quiet in shock... then when i gave it to them and they saw it was actually INSIDE the balloon they all freaked out.. they went running around showing everyone... then they said to come to me for the trick.. and none of them knew me at all... so i introduced myself and did the trick.. same reaction from all of them... then it grew and grew all day.. that day i came home i was in such a good mood because i made a new friends that day.. then i realized that magic was a way to get me out there.. or "out of the corner" as i say it.. then i got Dangeruous by Daniel Madison... now i got that more because of the florishing.. i mean i loved to play with cards and i wanted something to do for people to come up to me and ask what i was doing and then i will do a trick, because then i still was a little shy.. so i learned part of the DVD and did the ones i perfected.. and my plan worked.. i just leaned on a wall and started to florish.. i got a crowd of like 10 within like a minute of doing it... and then i did the tricks to all of them... see to me magic was just a way to get me out there, to be different, to do something no one else couldnt, and to make people believe... with me doing magic for a while now, i see the real meaning of magic... see its not how good you do the trick, or how flashy you can get, but the memories you make, the emotions you create, and the moment they will always remember... magic isnt the trick the magician does, magic is everything else that happens with the trick... see anyone can do a trick, but a real magician can only make the magic.. and because of the magic that happens EVERYTIME, thats why i keep doing it, thats why i keep going out.. i make the spectators belifs change, i make them see the impossible in front of them, and i become someone i wasnt before.. theory 11 made me the person i am today.. i am not the little boy that hids in the corner wishing everything would happen for me without me doing anything.. i am the man that is more adventurious, more open, more talkitive, more.. differnet...

because of theory 11 i can finally get out there without thinking what people thought of me... i can finally make something happen without wishing it will happen for me.. i am the person that can change peoples point of veiws on their dreams.. because when something impossible is made possible in front of them.. it makes them think that NOTHING is impossible, just difficult.. and the same goes for their dreams.. i mean a trick was just an idea made real, the same can be with their dreams.. i myself hav made people more confident with their dreams.. i have a friend now that is a contracted model at 17, and she might be in the new pirates 4 movie.. she isnt even 18 yet and she is a professinal model.. and she thanked me in person for giving her the confidence to go chase her dream.. also im in a band that my other friend made because i inspried him to go after it...

through out all i have done i cant even walk around school without being called Criss Angel or David blanie or Magic Man... today i am noticed, today i am the guy with a pack of cards ready to perform a trick and make the magic happen... today theory 11 has impacted me to make the magic happen like it made it happen to me..
Jun 15, 2010
To me magic is the emotion that people feel when they see the impossible has become possible. and the best part is its an emotion that everyone has, but its different for everybody. it could be it could either be a WHAT THE FUDGE or a whoa. And i think everybody would agree that magic is without a dought the easiest language to learn. Magic is something that everyone has seen and that everyone loves. Without the art of magic there would be no amazement or wonder in the world.
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