Saturday Night Contest - What's Inside the Box?

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  1. Hey everyone! It's Saturday night, and that means it's time for this week's Saturday Night Contest!

    Below is a picture of a deck of White Monarchs. The mystery: how many cards are inside the box? It could be empty, it could be full, or anywhere in between. The answer is between 0 and 54. Your challenge tonight: predict the number of cards inside.

    Post your guess below in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST tonight. Limit of ONE guess per member, so make it count.

    The first person to correctly guess the amount of cards inside the box wins. The prize tonight: a sealed, new, unopened deck of White Monarch's, shipped on the house. Only one guess per member, so make it count. Good luck!

    UPDATE :: The winner has been posted! Find out the results right now!

  2. 34 cards i think
  3. 28 cards I think
  4. 24

    (making it wordCOUNT)
  5. there are 33 cards in the box
  6. 48 cards are in the box
  7. 11 cards in the box
  8. 27 hopefully I win
  9. 17 cards. ^^
  10. 44 cards in box

    gl all
  11. There are 13 cards!
  12. There are 7 cards in the box :)
  13. 37 cards in the box
  14. 22 cards in the box
  15. 1 card in the box...
  16. 19 cards I think
  17. 23 cards for sure
  18. Zero cards
  19. 11 cards I think
  20. 33 I think :)

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