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  1. Today is Saturday, and the time is 7:30-- so it's time for this week's Saturday Night Contest. To give you a little bit of background to this contest, I received an email about a week ago from a certain theory11 artist, and it had a link to a video. The exact response I had was: "Who is this? What is this? Oh. My. God." I realized who it was. And that made it so much better.

    To understand what I'm saying, you'll need to check out the video now for yourself. Just uploaded to the media section-- click HERE to view it.

    So what's the contest? Tell us the date.

    We're looking for the MONTH and YEAR that this video was shot. Limit of three guesses per member. If you post any more than three guesses in response to this thread, you will be forced to wear the same sweater CK is wearing in the video... forever.

    Give it a shot by replying to THIS message with the MONTH and YEAR. Use every visual clue you might see in the video to help you out.

    The first to post the Month and Year correctly takes the prize. And this week, the prize is a 6 pack of Bicycle Guardians; which is SIX potential chances at the theory11 holiday contest.

    UPDATE: We've got a winner.
  2. hah great video
    looks like a tough contest here....
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    April 1978

    October 1977

    September 1979
  4. October 1973
  5. September 1988
  6. Fixing the video as we speak-- check it in 60 seconds... sorry about that.
  7. It isn't working for me either! I will take my 3 guesses anyway, I know for sure I won't get them.

    September 1966
    June 1969
    September 1969
  8. The video is back up. Enjoy...

  9. Here is my last 2

    September 1969
    April 1976
  10. Heres my guessis:

    1967. December
    1968. September

    i have one more later.....
  11. October 1979

    November 1979

    March 1978
  12. the video and sound dont match for me D:


    July 1973
  13. October 1971
    December 1972
    September 1973

    Here goes nothing!

    Shane K.
  14. 1971 october

    EDIT: My guess has been edited. I hit the wrong button
  15. December 1979

    Jan. 1979

    Veb. 1979
  16. oct 1983
    nov 1983
    dec 1983
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    This contest sounds fun!
  18. 1987 december
    1977 october
    my first 2 are DOWN
  19. Nov 1981
    June 1980
    Nov 1980
  20. February 1985
    March 1985
    April 1985

    Guys, as magicians, I'm surprised by the number of 7s and 3s! :D :p


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