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Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Over the past six years, we have hosted nearly 60 roundtable discussion podcasts, each with a different artist answering your questions, direct and unfiltered. This is an amazing opportunity to gain advice and insight from some of magic's best, most respected, and most successful creators and performers. Tonight, our guest is theory11 artist Dan White, who will be starring in a new Travel Channel special this coming week: White Magic.

Dan's experience and expertise is diverse: from a performer at high-end, exclusive events to consulting for David Blaine and David Copperfield over many years, he's nearly seen and done it all. That is precisely why I'm proud and excited to have him join us tonight - use this opportunity wisely!

Here's how it works: post your questions for Dan White in response to this forum thread on or before tomorrow, Sunday at 7:30pm EST. You have a full 24 hours to submit your questions! Thereafter, we will record a podcast with Dan answering as many questions as possible - so make 'em count!

Questions can be about anything you desire - what to expect in his new special, the process of creating it and collaborating with multiple consultants, to his relationship and experience with Blaine and Copperfield. Limit of THREE questions per member, and so think carefully before you post to make sure you post the questions that you'd most desire answered. Very excited to hit record and kickstart this conversation!

One more thing... we'll be choosing one member at random whose question is asked during the podcast - that member will receive a six pack of Medallions and six spins of our Holiday Contest Wheel!

UPDATE - The podcast has been posted!
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Oct 19, 2012
How do you have to change your performance in different countries/ areas?
How can you sense the tone of a group to identify what tricks will work best?


Elite Member
Oct 27, 2013
Heres my question: How is it like creating new effects? What is your process? Do you like reactions?


Elite Member
Mar 3, 2012
How did you end up working with Kanye?
What was your inspiration for this special as opposed to your last one?

Chris I.C.T.M

Elite Member
Mar 9, 2013
Will there be any guest magicians in White Magic?

What's your favorite deck to use when performing or practicing?
Jun 29, 2013
El Paso
How did you start in the magic industry?
How does your past influence your work today?
If you could tell up and coming magicians one thing other than practice, practice, practice, what would it be?


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Jan 19, 2013
Lucena City, Philippines
What is your tips to some aspiring magicians who wants to be good as you when it comes to performing?

Who is your inspiration to become a famous magician?

How many impromptu effect do you have or perform?


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Aug 3, 2010
Dominican Republic
Good night guys, hope everyone has a beautiful "White" Christmas. This are my questions:

1. Mr. Daniel White, with all the knowledge you have about magic in general why TV specials instead of a big show like David Copperfield?

2. Do you have any plans of releasing new material to the magic community?

3. When are you coming back to the Dominican Republic? we miss you here.

By the way congratulations on your new special!


Elite Member
Jun 17, 2009
NE Ohio.
1. It seems like you've been off the radar for a while. What have you been doing these past few years?
2. Did the commercial with HP feel like spreading magic in an accessible way or selling out?
3. If you could only perform one trick, which one would it be?
Dec 7, 2013
Here is my question :
What got you into magic , and how did get famous ?
What is your creative process when formulating a new effect ?
Who are some of your inspirations ?


Do you feel that interacting with and performing to different types of people, with extremely varying personalities, can help you adapt and take advantage of a different situations?

Is there some sort of style that will fit to "every" situation, or does EVERY routine need to be adapted to the situation (obviously not on a grand scale, i.e. stage vs. close up)


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Mar 3, 2012
As a magician, it can become difficult to be genuinely fooled by an effect, and as you work with a lot of well established magicians, both in front and behind the figurative and literal curtain, I was wondering when was the last time you were genuinely amazed and dumbfounded by an effect and by whom?


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Sep 22, 2013
Nacogdoches, Texas
Do you ever see a magician perform something that completely baffles you?

When you see someone performing do you see the "Magic" the "Method" or both?

If you were limited to one style of magic for the rest of your life what would it be? (example: grand illusions, plain sleight of hand... Etc)

The are my questions, as far as the magic and method question, for me, it's BOTH.
Jun 13, 2013
My questions are:
1.) How long did it take to become such a good sleight of hand expert?
2.) How do you get to such a point of fame amoung other magicians?
3.) What is your favorite sleight of hand move/technique?
Thank you for your time!
Jun 13, 2013
I just have one question because this is important to me...

Have you encountered any problems in your magic as you've been performing through the years? such as people putting you down or saying that you can't do that, it just won't work.

Thanks :)
Jun 13, 2013
Did you enjoy working the Yeezus tour I personally loved it, what was the title of your position?
Do you feel magic is in a better position than it was let's say 10 years ago?
What is your favorite color?

Dean Magic

Elite Member
Jun 13, 2013
1. What do you think makes a magic trick really good? (ex: visuals, story-telling, etc.)

2. Do you prefer gimmicked tricks or sleight of hand tricks and why?
Apr 6, 2013
My question: What is the most important point for your effects? Do you like more reactions from the audience or the fact, that you're going to fool other magicians?
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