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  1. My friends!

    First, I want to say that it's great to be back - Happy Holidays!

    As many of you know we are preparing for the release of CONTROL: The Special Director's Edition. Those of you who have performed CONTROL know that it plays differently than most magic tricks. It's an effect that seems real. It is entirely possible to convince a crowd of skeptical people that you have the ability to slow and stop your heart. This type of magic is strong, unnerving, and potentially a lot more dangerous than others. It's with that in mind that we present this weeks Saturday Night Contest.

    In the early 1980s, an American by the name of James Hydrick gained international attention when he claimed he had the ability to perform acts of telekinesis. He went on to demonstrate his powers by causing pages of a phone book to turn, a pencil to mysteriously spin while under an upturned fish tank, and boxing bags in his gym to move completely under his control. Hydrick developed a cult following before being exposed as a fraud by both James Randi and magician and journalist Dan Korem. Tonight's Saturday Night Contest is based on this premise of the supernatural.

    Your mission is to create a video that could potentially convince others that you possess supernatural abilities. You have one video to prove it. The more fair, the more incredible, the better. What would you do if you REALLY had superpowers? You wouldn't do an Ambitious Card Routine or sponge ball transposition. What would you really do? Use any method you like - the more believable the final video and the more creative, the better.

    All entries must be submitted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST for judging. Submissions should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or - limit of one entry per participant. The winner tonight will receive a six-pack of any deck available on theory11. Good luck guys!
  2. Sweet! I think I have my entry planned, but there's always more time to get the creative juices flowin......
  3. Whoa. Im loving this one. Time to get to work...
  4. Lets say hypothetically that I wanted to show people that I could watch the entire Twilight movie without gouging my eyes out with a soda straw as proof of my supernatural powers, how long could said video be?

  5. That's a task for Jesus. Oh, wait, Jesus wouldn't watch that...

  6. That would win for sure man.
  7. Your a madman.
    Id rather watch kristin stewart bite her lips for hours.

    (inside joke is she does it in all her films.Constantly)
  8. Your alot better looking with short hair. Spiking it up might be overkill though so leave it almost as is.
    Sorry. Force of habit from jobs ive been in.
  9. I see people do it everyday on the way to work.

    But seriously though,common trick yes. Its levitation.
    But I havent seen ANYONE try to levitate anything anymore.At least not on video(live either actually) so this was nice.
    The whole idea
  10. Well, I had an awesome video, but just as I need my camera to read, it doesn't. So no SNC for me tonight, even though I was dying to enter. Good luck everyone!
  11. man i've been dieing to do one of these, but my resources are so limited
  12. While this contest focuses on the supernatural, I am opposed to claiming to have supernatural abilities. But in the details of the contest it says, and I quote, "What would you do if you REALLY had superpowers?". I hope this is what I would do, and I hope it is what others would do as well. Happy holidays everyone!
  13. i loved it dejavu05
  14. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Happy holidays!
  15. the cup levitation was ok. I'll be honest i didn't like it. The motions seemed cliched and if you were magic woulc you really be waving them around like that? It was a very simple concept, you could have incorporated more. Just for a random example ive been wanting to do the "GOD TRICK" from family guy where he starts pouring a beer and then just leaves it there. But it was a nice video and well executed just not my thing. good job.

    The charity video, was a nice idea, especially since its x-mas time, but if you can do that, why stop at a quarter or just one. and since when do charities collect money in scotch glasses? haha

    i wanna see BRodgers post his performance of the MINT on here. now that is real magic and has a real idea.
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    Power of Belief

    Power of Belief is my main focus in this video, let me explain a bit so you may better enjoy the video.

    Basically my inspiration was the idea that when people believe enough they feel that it comes true. An example I mention is the placebo effect, basically in this video I am going a step further then the placebo effect but influencing objects using only the power of belief. But I need your help everyone who watches the video please believe with me as I burn my and your belief to become true. Yes fire makes everything better, and yes any card can be chosen if you ever meet me just ask to do that fire trick thing. Without further a delay I present Believe


    I completely know how bad of an actor I am in front of a camera.

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