Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

Khaleel Olaiky

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Aug 31, 2013
My first show

The biggest thing i have done this year is performing on a stage for the first time at my school it was one of the greatest moments to see real audience clapping for you and amazed by you ... of course it's the first time ans normally there was some mistakes (not in the performance but in my showmanship) i hope I'll repeat it again this year and it would be better .... a video of the show:

I wish for all of you guys a happy new year :)
Nov 26, 2013
1.My biggest accomplishment this year..... It has to be when I got my first paid Gig. Being under sixteen it is already hard enough getting a job, let alone getting people to remember and call you for their event. I had preformed at a local place in my community several times, mostly to people I knew. A friend of mines mother, who had seen me preform at the local place, runs an annual event each year for neglected children, and each year they get an entertainer. This year, she asked me if I'd like to be the entertainment for the night! I scripted and planned out a show, and it went pretty good. Considering I am wanting to be a professional magician, I'd say this is biggest accomplishment of the year! :) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Next year I aspire to release magic and cardistry moves on the Wire. I also want to make quality cardistry videos filled with original moves of mine using custom playing cards designed by me. Most of all, I want to begin my career as a pro magician!
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Feb 22, 2014
My Year!

2014 was a big year for me. I regained the ability to walk without a cane or walker. In 2010 (age 34) I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis from taking the medication prednisone for asthma. I had both femoral heads collapse (break) at the same time. I went from being able to run 5 miles a day to sitting in a wheel chair waiting for bilateral hip replacements. 3 total hip replacements (the left hip came loose after 7 months and had to be removed and replaced again), 3 revision surgeries, endless hours of physical therapy, and 4 years later I can walk on my own again. No wheelchair, no walker, and no cane! That's real magic!

Although it's been a rough road to get here, it was not one without a silver lining. When I first lost the ability to walk I started playing with cards. A LOT! It was something I loved growing up, and found I still loved it. Some of the best strides I made in magic this year was in utility moves I've been trying to get as perfect as possible. I think I made the most improvements on the classic pass and the herman pass. I also finally got my carnahan fan down with both hands.

In 2015 the sky's the limit! I want to learn more cardistry moves, and work on false shuffles and cuts. Most of all though, I want to go water skiing! The most important thing I learned from 2014 is NEVER GIVE UP! Real magic is possible you just have to believe, and never stop trying!


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Oct 6, 2014
My biggest accomplishment is probably performing in front of my whole school. I got started in magic only eight months ago, and I decided to break my shell by performing in front of a super large crowd, something I hadn't done before. It was a great feeling!

In the upcoming year, I hope to hone my skills as a magician even further and hopefully showcase a couple of my moves through video!
Nov 6, 2014
My biggest accomplishment in general was simply going and performing. I'd been learning magic and some cardistry for about 2 years now. However, I'd just practiced routines and moves to myself, but rarely to people. Over the past year, I've gotten over the nervousness of approaching people to perform. I now perform to any guest to my place, at any friends' place that I visit, and occasionally in public when I'm on the train for example. Magic has made me a lot more sociable.

For next year, I want to master more fundamentals of magic, not just learn new effects. I also want to look for some paid gigs to do.


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Jul 24, 2010
practicing magic for years infront of the mirror or close friends, my biggest accomplishment came in october this year when i finally decided to show some tricks to complete strangers, i was in a resturant having dinner and showed a simple biddle trick to a waiter, a trick lead to another trick and so on and with in five minutes i had a group of 20 to 25 ppl around me. I showed them tricks and with every appreciation my confidence started to go up, I did tricks for like half an hour and when I left the resturant ppl gave me a standing ovation.
My target for 2015 is to get out more and perform more to complete strangers, and get more and more confidence and learn audience management too in the process
Jun 13, 2013

My biggest accomplishment is that I quit smoking. It changed my whole life including the magic part of it .
I'm not worried about the cigarettes smoke and that it may bother the spectators.

For the new year I'll focus on watching more performances instead of watching explanations to learn more presentation ideas.
Jun 29, 2014
I’ve known Magic/Cardistry since 2011, but I consider 2014 as my starting point and the turning point as well, in the artform for many reasons. It’s been the year of learning, new experiences, improvements and more involvement in Cardistry and in the community. It’s the year I decided to focus in one artform(which is Cardistry), it’s when I started creating moves, when I began joining Saturday Night Contests, when I started to submit something on The Wire and it’s also when my playing card collection started to grow. In this year I became more passionate, became really dedicated in practice and spent more time with it. The best part is, seeing my improvements with my own eyes, and it’s a success for me. Also, as I became part of the Philippine Cardistry Community just this year, being able to attend our Christmas Jam that just happened yesterday where I met my fellow cardists and magicians, share what I got and learn a lot from them; those are remarkable experiences in my life making me more inspired; and ALL MY EXPERIENCES ARE MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Now, what I want to achieve in the year ahead is to learn more and gain more improvements. But asking me what I really want to achieve, well it’s to publish my creation on the Wire, win a Saturday Night Contest, win any Cardistry competition, overcome my stage fright, attend more jamming and a lot more. I just want to continue the things I do and the dedication, passion and consistency. I want to fulfill myself with what I do, enhanced my skills while having fun.


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This year I began my journey as a magician. In September my very first purchase was Decoy. Since I bought Decoy I have learned many new card tricks from the wire. After discovering the awe in modern card tricks I turned to cardistry. With Genesis v1 I have improved my springs, fans, one handed cuts and much more. With much success and failure I have established routines of card magic with a mix of cardistry.
Since I have only begun I hope to improve what I have learned to a point where I can show my tricks to many of my friends. I hope to master some of the simpler flourishes in Genesis, find some bigger effects to brighten my routines, and continue to improve my skills overall. Here's to 2015.
Jun 20, 2013
My biggest achievement was making smile my best friend. At the time, I didn't what he had, he was so sad... And I didn't know how I could help him. I didn't thought before that Magic would be as powerful in order to give happiness. And this was a great lesson in life.

What I want to do in 2015, is create my own effect and publish it here on T11! :D


Jun 11, 2014
become a great magician

2014 was my first year with magic tricks

earlier in 2014 i saw a boy who performed to me and my friends some cool magic tricks , so i liked it very much and i wanted to know how to do things like that ...... and that was my entry to magic world :cool:
i went to my home and i start searching on the internet how to do things like that ...... a day after a day i learned many cool things and i started to perform to my family and friends some tricks and lead them to madness :D

in 2015 my plan is to start going out to the street and perform tricks to people i don't know , and to start doing magic shows to amaze people out ......... and of course learn more and more tricks to become a great magician
Mar 17, 2013
2014 was a great year for magic and cardistry. I'm not actually a cardist. I know few flourishes like Sybil (with my version), Card twirls, Werm bla bla... But i'm doing magic since 2010 and 2014 was my best performance year.

I have a friend who likes magic. One day we went to cinema with 6 or 7 friends. I brought my cards. I started with some basic tricks like ACR and Sandwich. Then i did mind reading kind of tricks. Finally i did Daniel Madison's Angle Z. Torn corner was inside my friends phone. They blew away with this trick. Few days later, i brought my cards to school (which is forbidden). I did another tricks to my friends. Then two girls came and asked me to do some tricks. There wasn't too much time left so i did basic "card change in hand". Then i asked one of them to pick a card, i gave the deck to shuffle. She shuffled the deck and i spread the cards. I took her hands waved around the deck. (Pulse presentation). Because they were girls, reactions were big. One hour later i showed another tricks to another girls. Suddenly about 10 people came to see tricks. Then from other classes so many peoples came to see me. I did tricks to about 30 people in 45 minutes. It was definetly amazing. Besides magic, i did some flourishes to them. They were also liked that. Also this year i won Monarchs Deck from a Youtube cardist John Bendewald. And on 2013 Holiday Contest, i won a Red Jaqk Deck. That was amazing too. I had only 1 Bicycle Deck before them. And i when received them i was so happy. But still i can't touch them coz they are too beautiful :D

For 2015; i want this year to be productive for my magic. Right now i have created about 3 tricks. Two of them are completely ready. (I tested them with audience, i created versions of these tricks.) I'm trying to improve the last one. I want to publish these effects on the WIRE. I'm saving money to buy a good camera. If i can buy one, in summer i will publish some effects hopefully. And as a performer, i want to perform in front of bigger audiences. (75+ people). Hope i can accomplish these.
Apr 2, 2014
My biggest acomplishment in magic this year was simply to start magic, this has been my first year doing magic and I have to say it's consumed my life, I'm never without a deck of cards and I love it, it has really changed my life. In addition to this I think I've really progressed in magic quite a lot, now I'm comfortable doing street magic to people and enjoying myself at the same time.

In 2015 I hope to really develop my repotorie to make it more visual and look more into why the magic works and not just the methods, I also wish to become a professional magician in 2015, that would be a massive leap for me


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Be dedicated to magic

Hi everyone!

2014 was my greatest year in magic. After practicing magic for 10 years now, I finally decided to enter the biggest contest here, in Hungary. It is called "Corodini magician competition". Among 6 competitors, I won the close-up award! That was indescribable for me. Not only that was my very first competition, but I got the 1st place!

Another good project was started in this year. With 6 of my magician friends, we started a little company. In every second Thuesday, we perform at least a 1 hour show. Imagine that 7 magicians collaborate and jam together. We inspire each other a lot.

For 2015, I want it to grow. I wish our magic would be recognized and popular. Unfortunately, as I can see, only the singers are creditable enough. I mean it's a bit harder to the magic community ( I am pretty sure you experienced people's attitude, etc).
I will enter all of the competitions in my country, and after the right amount of time, I would like to go abroad and try my luck ;)

All in all, I wish you the best in you career, keep up the good work!
Jun 5, 2013
Both as a magician and cardist, I have learnt a lot his year. I've started focusing more on my performace style and making it smoother. My big lesson of 2014 in magic is: keep it simple. Regarding cardistry, I've learnt dozens of new flourishes such as stuff from Michael James' Solo, D&D's Pandora and list goes on and on.

In 2015, I'd like to create my own flourishes. By this I mean not just a Sybil variation but something unique and new. I also hope I can get the required equipment to release those fourishes on the Wire.
Dec 20, 2013
I don't know my biggest accomplishments yet ,
2014 was so great for me .
At the beginning of 2014 ,i started to find a way to do ACAAN,
I studied mentalism, buddy language and read a lot of books,
but i could not figure out how this trick is done by the great lu chen.
Based on every thing i learned so far I was able to create new tricks.
One of those tricks I called "ANTAC" which stands for any number to any card.
I also appeared for the first time on a stage before a large number of audience,
Therefore I have two big accomplishments.
As of 2015, and after having learned Motion Graphics Design during the previous year, I am in the process of merging mgic with motion graphics design ,since magic makes any other art awesome :)

Alvin Herp

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Jan 27, 2012
2014 has been so awesome a year to me. With cardistry, I've made some good friends from all over the world: Sweden, US, the Netherlands, Singapore etc. We entered contests together, we shared our knowledge with one another, we even drank beer together! In fact, that is what I think cardistry really is: bringing the people with cards in their hands together.

Another reason why 2014 is a breakthrough to me is that I got chances to inspire people. I started posting original stuff on Instagram as well as seriously entering contests. And most importantly, I got featured in iV and the Choice team. iV and I released a cardistry bundle called SMC on the Wire. With the Choice team, I worked with amazing people: Ben, Edo, Andy, Alix and Patrick. We put up the Choice playing cards and a DVD on Kickstarter and got funded with the massive help from the community.

That was 2014. In 2015, I hope to work more with my friends, make some more friends, release more stuff to the cardists all over the world. But above all, I hope to be one of those who push the artform forward, to see it raised higher and higher.

Thanks for taking your time reading this. Happy new year!

Nov 21, 2014
Early december this year, my very first successful performance--it was a coin routine I saw Apollo Robbins perform, studied it, then poof..even I was amazed by how that went.

For the upcoming year, well, nothing better than be better, then learn more, do more, hopefully come up with something original.
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