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  1. Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying your weekend! As announced on Expose this week, we have reverted back to the original color scheme on our Medallions Playing Cards. This means that when you place an order with a deck of Medallions, its back design will have the brown and gold inks instead of the brown and white combo used on our previous run. Thanks to everyone who provided us with this feedback; we listened, and we hope you like the change back to the original colors!

    Speaking of playing cards, we are interested in seeing what collections you guys have. Whether you are new or if you've been around for a while, we all start somewhere with our card collections. Let's face it, we've almost all been there. You order a few decks of cards, and then suddenly you find your collection piling up with more decks, and more decks, until it becomes almost impossible to count. I know I have certainly lost count of how many I have!

    What we want you guys to do is to take a picture of your card collection! You can upload your picture to Instagram, Flickr, or upload it straight through the forums. Once your photo is uploaded, post the link to your photo in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, June 28th. Once time is up, we will select one collection at random and that person will take home this week's prize (size of the collection does not matter whatsoever!).

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Member Points and your very own Deck Display, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world!

    We are looking forward to seeing what kind of collections you guys have!
  2. As always, good luck to all involved!
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  4. Why do I need this many decks?

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  5. image.jpg
    Here's my collection.... Nothing much lol. Just your good ol bikes.
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  6. Let me explain the photo
    On the right side new sealed deck
    In the middle new open decks
    On the left side very old used decks
    Upper left corner gaff decks
    Plus 2 monarchs coming in few days

    Yes it's OCD guys XD .... just kidding.
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  7. This is my third display.

    I outgrew my original display, and my first rebuild failed. This is my current display of my unsealed decks. High out of the reach of my children.

    It is in my home office, and I walk past it and grab a deck to use in my left hand whilst i poke at the internet with my mouse.

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  8. I keep all of my cards in a file drawer, these are not those. These are just the cards I had laying out in my room.

    Hi, my name is Anthony and I'm an addict

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  9. The only cards that matter. Complete with Civil War dirt from 1864.

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  11. My name is Saimon and I'm a deckahollic

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  12. Hi Saimon. Would you like to share with the group why you are here today?
  13. Cards in order-
    Conjuring Arts 1902 Club Special Bees, Conjuring Arts Snith No.2,
    Bicycle Masters Eddition Blue,
    David Williamson's- Aunt Marry Cards,
    Black Tiger deck,
    Blue Crown Deck,
    Blue Rider Back,
    Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Deck,
    Golden Nuget Las Vegas Deck,
    Shadow Masters,
    GHOST Deck,
    Deck with photoshopped pics of Bush,
    Black Tiger,
    Aviator Cards,
    Thomas Solomen Deck
    Chamber Magic Deck
  14. Well this SNC is right up my alley! Here's my favorites (try fitting almost 300 decks in a picture, not easy... so I chose these) My cards could use a nicer home :) (currently housed in small desktop organizers).
    From left to right:
    Row 1: White Artisans, Red Tycoons, Kings Wild Army Deck, Mechanics Deck V2, Archangels
    Row 2: Silver Monarchs, Red Monarchs, Copper Rarebits, Blue Tycoons
    Row 3: White Gold Monarchs V1, Encarded Standards, Contraband, Black Artisans
    Row 4: Rebels, Virtuoso Spring/Summer 2014, Framed Deck, White Gold Monarchs V2
    Row 5: Medallions V1, Red Jaqk Deck, Tendril Ascendant, NoMads
    Row 6: Black Mystery Box, Mystery Box (red-orange), Medallions V2, Navy Blue Monarchs
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