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Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite Harry Potter!


Director of Operations
Team member
Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Hey guys hope you all are having a great weekend! Last Friday we released the long awaited collaboration many years in the making - Harry Potter Playing Cards. As a magic community, it's fair to say that we've come across Harry Potter at least once in our journey. Whether it be the books or the movies, we all have a memory that includes Harry Potter in some way, shape, or form.

All you have to do for this week's contest is to list your favorite Harry Potter from the series! It can be either the movies or the books, but we want to know which one is your overall favorite! Optional: let us know why it was your favorite! Was there a specific moment that stands out to you from the series?

Post your responses by no later than 11pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, December 5th and we will choose one person at random to take home this week's prize!

What can you win? 1,000 Elite Points, 8 Decks of Harry Potter Playing Cards (2 of each color!), and 8 Spins on the Holiday Wheel when it launches (coming sooner than you think)!

Good luck!

Beth G.(2)

Elite Member
Apr 26, 2013
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - book version - we get introduced to so many new characters and the wider wizarding world, and even though Harry is going through some stuff during the whole year, it's still my favorite. Dumbledore's Army forms, we find out what the prophecy is, we find out about how it was almost Neville in Harry's place and what happened to his parents. So much happens!
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Apr 26, 2013
All you have to do for this week's contest is to list your favorite Harry Potter from the series! It can be either the movies or the books, but we want to know which one is your overall favorite!

Well, I guess my favorite Harry Potter from the series is probably....Harry Potter, because, without him, I don't think it'd be much of a series. :D


Elite Member
Mar 3, 2012
It has to be Philosophers Stone for me, or for friends over the pond in the states, Sorcerer’s Stone. But Philosopher’s Stone sounds has so much more oomph, no?

For me it’s my favourite because of my memory tied to the experience of watching it in the theatres. My parents surprised me when I was 10, by somehow taking me to an early screening of it at a local cinema that was just built. I had no idea we were watching a movie that day let alone it being Harry Potter. And thus, a deep relationship was begun with the wizarding world began.
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Nov 19, 2018
My favorite Harry Potter movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
I really liked the competition based movie where many of the wizards faced off to see who was the best and who had what it takes to get The Triwizard Cup.
This was a different style from the other movies and books and therefore intrigued me the most.

*Spoiler Alert*
One of the most memorable parts for me was when "Alastor Moody" was revealed to have been a fake one when his his flask Polyjuice Potion ended and his face transformed back into Bartemius Crouch Jr .
This reminded me of the classic masks used in the Mission Impossible movies to make it seem that they are someone else, when in reality its just a very well constructed mask.
Dec 26, 2013
I like all the parts of Harry Potter
And I rewind them with pleasure.
But most of all I like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
My favorite hero, the character is Severus Snape <3
Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman Always In Our Memory
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Elite Member
Dec 12, 2008
My favorite movie will always be The prisoner from Azkaban, it's the best movie in my opinion and shows the light and dark magic of the series. The movie introduces us to Micheal Gambon as Dumbledore and any movie with Gary Oldman is top-notch.
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Elite Member
Jul 22, 2016
Now, I'll take some heat for this lol... never seen any of them. Haven't even read any of the books.
I Will say though, the ride at Universal Studios is top notch... giant spider come down, had me feeling all kinda ways. My 16 yr old son at the time screamed so loud I thought it was my daughter.
The whole setup they did for that park is remarkable. Apparently down to the smallest details.
That is uhh.. all I got, so good luck to everyone.
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Amit R.

Elite Member
Apr 26, 2013
My favourite is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

My favourite memory surrounding the series is actually working at a bookstore for the midnight release of that book, seeing pure mayhem and chaos from shoppers and then staying up after work through the morning to finish the book.
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Elite Member
Jun 2, 2017
My favourite character will always be Dobbie...his loyalty towards Harry is what makes it memorable..and his death was a sad part to the series...Peter in Oz


Elite Member
Jul 24, 2010
Without a shadow of a doubt, harry potter and the order of phoenix is my favorite book of all the series. This is the book that I believe was the turning point for a kid harry turning into an adult Harry with so many responsibilities on his shoulder. This was the first book that took introduced the readers the whole wider picture of the wizarding world that was outside of hogwarts. This was the first book that gave a glimpse of the power that dumbledore himself posses when be dueled with the dark Lord at the end. There never came a better book than this one in the entire series
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