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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, May 30, 2020.

  1. Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's time for another chance to get your hands on a Variety Box!

    This week, we want to hear directly from you: What is your all time favorite theory11 deck, and why? We've come a long way since 2007, with big things planned on the horizon in the near future. But for now, we want to hear which theory11 deck (old or new!) was the one that captured your attention and love the most. We are always taking in feedback and looking for ways to make each deck better than the last, so we want to hear directly from you!

    All you have to do is post your response in THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 31st. Once time is up, we will select one post at random and that person will take home this week's prize of 1,000 Elite Member Points and your very own Variety Box, filled with 12 decks of your choice that are currently featured on the page!

    We look forward to hearing which deck is your favorite! In case you guys were wondering, the old-school Propagandas hold a special place in my heart :)
  2. Of all the decks that Theory11 has to offer I would have to say that Blue Bee No.92 do it for me. It is in my opinion as elegant as it gets when it comes to borderless decks. I mean the stingers are cool too.... But just doesn't contend with the regular Bees. I actually recorded of video of me practicing the Erdnase System of Palming using none other that the Bee No. 92...

    Good Luck Everyone!!!
  3. It has to be the Red JAQKs for me.

    Classy, modern, custom courts, not overly designed, but just the right amount of design, just perfect.

    Now that we have metallic inks available, I think we need a re-release of the red, or a slight adjustment sort of like the metallic blues from a few years back that was a bit different to the original blues.

    Can we get some likes on this post if you agree so T11 might consider it?
  4. It has to be the Gold Monarchs for me. It was the first Theory11 deck I got and I won it from this very contest.
    I still haven't opened it as it's definitely one for my collection. The gold embossed case makes it look like a treasure and not a deck of cards. Perhaps one day it will be worth enough I can use it to buy a house lol... thanks for all you guys do and good luck to everyone!
  5. My favourite is the Star wars light side deck. I really like the design on the back, because of the blue. The tuck case with all the foiling and embossing is also really amazing. Definitely a deck that I use a lot for packet cutting! Very excited for future T11 Decks!
  6. Artisan Golds for sure. So classy, so snappy, great look and feel for magic. That deck makes a hell of an impression when you pull it out of your pocket
  7. It has to be the monarchs series, especially the red version. Just perfectly designed and still useable for magic.
  8. Perhaps I’m biased because I’m British but I love the High Victorians.

    I just love how the deck comes together. It’s ostentatious, but with a real graphic design bent. And I really love the more abstract approach to the custom court cards.

    That’s actually the biggest thing for me in any deck. I collect decks purely as art objects and I’m always disappointed when a deck doesn’t have bespoke court cards.

    I’ve got a soft spot for the Tavern on the Green cards as well. I was surprised how easy they were to hunt down in the UK and I’m glad I did.
  9. I especially love the Animal Kingdom deck!! I'm new to cards and it was my first deck! The art is spectacular and a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause. I will always stand behind a company that gives back.
  10. The deck that started it all for me was the original Monarchs. The design fascinated me the moment I laid eyes on them.

    Since then, I’ve begun collecting more and more decks over the past few months. Yet, the monarchs are by far my favorite deck.
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  11. My favorite is probably archangels, as this was my first ever theory 11 deck, the handle really nicely, as they are printed on bicycle stock, have a beautiful back design, and, as a bonus, are much cheaper than most theory 11 playing cards, at around 4-5 dollars a deck.
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  12. My favorites are the Star Wars decks. Long time Star Wars fan and the colors and design of the cards are out of this world!
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  13. Propaganda... they were my favorite and one of the first custom deck I ever bought... it´s a shame we canno longer get them... I would buy inmediately!! :)
  14. My favorite Theory11 deck would have to be the Monarchs series. It was the first premium deck I've purchased and they have been my go to deck since then. I appreciate the quality and classic design. I love all your cards and always look forward to new releases. Keep up the great work..
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  15. I don't do magic and have had zero interest in playing cards before I stumbled into the world of theory11. Choosing a favourite is hard, not having much experience, but I guess I have to choose one I own, and the NPH deck sticks itself out for me.
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  16. It’s gotta be the Monarchs. All of them are awesome and elegant but the purple Monarchs are the cream of the crop in my opinion. Just a great deck that never gets old.
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  17. I have to give it to the Monarchs on this one especially the Purple. It feels wonderful and great for magic and cardistry. It's just so elegant looking and its very high class looking. I get an awe before I even perform!
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  18. My favorite Theory11 deck is the Rebel deck. It’s one of the first decks I bought that Theory11 released. Very hard to find these days.
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  19. Animal Kingdom for sure! It's amazing! I love all the cute animal pictures on it and love that it was made with sustainability!
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  20. Wynn Brown Deck!!! My all time favourite T11 classic casino deck!!!
    I remember it is selling on year 2009, I’m sitting in front on my computer waiting for start of selling for few days in midnight (because of time difference).
    The casino deck’s box, the brown color back and the handle feeling of deck success attracted me. Feeling nostalgic that crazy time

    From Malaysia.
    (I’m sorry, my English not bad)
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