Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite!


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Dec 3, 2012
Rebels, they were the first deck I got from Theory11 back in 2012 and in my humble opinion have the nicest tuck case I've ever seen. They have an awesome back design and even tho I don't use them anymore since they're really old I love taking them out of the box from time to time for nostalgia. Would love to see you bring them back in print!
Dec 26, 2019
The Hollywood Roosevelt. Ohohohohoho the nicest deck EVERRR! It’s so modern and classy. I feel like I’m carrying a bar of gold when I’m carrying them. I know there are a lot more better decks than that but this is the deck that really speaks to me and accompanies my style...
My favorite Theory 11, by far, has to be the Contraband. The box feels different from all the other Theory 11 cases I own, the backs are beautiful, the jokers are the most intricate design I've ever seen, and the pips and the court cards are one of my favorite designs. It is the deck I pick up the most and a go-to when I want to show anyone a trick or something out of the card collection
Sep 3, 2007
If you ask me, i'll say the Derren Brown deck. Even tough the back of the cards are a slightly bright green, what makes it awesome is the case: form the dark green with gold, to the lettering, it's a marvelous deck to put on display on a shelf =)
Dec 16, 2019
Tycoon for me, the gold lines on the box are amazing. Once I opened the box, the cards where stiffer than normal theory11 produced decks, but still not super stiff. The borders are thin (just like the Monarchs) and the backs are elegantly designed. My favorite part, the faces are ALL custom, unlike the disappointing standard faces of other custom decks. Jokers are like none other, and the Ace of Spades blew me away!


May 3, 2020
Le deck Derren Brown! D'abord parce que c'est celui de Derren, et deuxièmement, le vert est très chic, l'or ajoute une vieille touche aristocratique anglaise puis le timbre est très très beau!
Apr 26, 2013
White Artisans, no doubt about it.
The finish is top notch, the backs of the cards are very well designed in my opinion, and the box is just outstanding. Pure and elegant white and gold, not too much show-offy, just what i love.
Dec 16, 2019
The Union is easily one of my favorite t11 deck. The copper foiling looks amazing with the eggshell white gloss. I just wish the vibrancy of the box carried over to the back of the cards. The bronze on the back looks more like a muted gold, and somewhat clashes with the bright oranges of the red suits. The design of the face cards is beautiful.
Dec 16, 2019
NoMad. The black and white contrasting back design adds a nice touch if you are using a black velvet magic work surface. The court cards are standard but the Ace is exquisite as well as the unique Jokers. This made me verey pleased with all the attention to detail by t11
May 31, 2020
The new (product)Red is my favorite right now. Overall the deck is actually pretty neat, but most of all the cause it stands for: very important and a huge matter to us all nowadays...
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Aug 19, 2014
Contrabands: nice intricate design, great handling for cardistry. Still use mine first one since 2015 (yes it is poopy!)


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Dec 16, 2019
The Derren Brown deck, it is fashioned to looked like a magician's book. I love the gold foil applied on the details of the tuckbox, and the design of it's interior. The cards have vibrant green color with an intricate patterns. The aces are perfect, they each have their own design. Specifically I love the Ace of Spades - it is like Inception effect. The court cards looked like vintage illustrations. An absolute attention to details. A great deck dedicated for Derren Brown and for the fans of his psychological tricks
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