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  1. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    For tonight's contest, we're hosting a roundtable discussion podcast. Each time we do this, we invite an artist to join us in a podcast answering YOUR questions, posted by members around the world.

    We are incredibly excited about our latest magic release, ODYSSEY by Calen Morelli. A hyper-visual miracle years in the making, a ring visibly jumps from finger to finger, hand to hand. It seriously looks like a camera trick - you have to see it to believe it. The best part is that it's extremely easy to learn and the ingenious, handcrafted gimmick does almost all of the hard work for you!

    Our guest this week on the podcast is the creator of this visual miracle, Calen Morelli. Use this opportunity to post ANY question you desire for Calen to answer within the podcast. We'll get to as many questions as we can during the session - and you can ask about whatever you'd like; how he got into magic, his creative process, etc. Any question you have for Calen, ask away!

    Each member gets 3 questions to ask, so make them count! Post your questions in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST on Monday, August 22nd. Once it is posted, we will select a random member (whose question was asked in the podcast) to take home this week's prize.

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Member Points, and ODYSSEY by Calen Morelli, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world.

    Got any questions for Calen? Ask away!
  2. 1. How did you conceptualise Odyssey? Did you set out to purposely create a ring trick, or was there a more organic approach to it?
    2. You mentioned that you've been working on this for a while, what made you want to release it now.
    3. What's next - is there a project your currently working on that you could tell us about, whether it be a trick, or consulting?

    1st question never get's randomly picked, so I'm out for the running probably :(
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  3. 1) When an idea for an effect strikes how do you approach turning that idea into reality?
    2) Do you ever have doubts about releasing something that you've created or is it always with absolute confidence that it will be received with the greatest reception?
    3) Who would you say inspires you the most? (Could be someone magic related or perhaps a relative or friend or significant other?)
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  4. 1. If you were stranded on a deserted island, name 3 things you would bring.
    2. Will you ever return to your YouTube channel?
    3. What's your favorite deck of cards?
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  5. What's the one thing you fear in magic that could happen?
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  6. 1. What have you found was the most hardest thing to overcome in all your years of creating & performing so far?

    2. What has been your motivation to keep yourself going through the years of creating?

    3. If you could perform magic anywhere in the world for anyone, where would it be & who would it be with?
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  7. 1.-What's your creative process like?
    2./3.-How do you refine an effect until it's ready? Related: How do you know when it's ready?
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  8. 1. How did you get in contact with samsung to do the ad? Did they contact you or you them?

    2. Similiar to the first question - how did you make it to appear in the videos of Stuart Edge?

    3. You don't release tricks that often, but when you do, they are great. Is that something you do on purpose (to blow us away now and then) or is it that you don't have a lot of original effects worth releasing.

    Keep it up :))
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  9. If you could really do magic what would you do? Would Odyssey be something you would do with real magic? If you could do it with real magic would you do it the same way?
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  10. 1.) Can this trick be done by a COMPLETE beginner in ring magic? (me...)

    2.) How much time would you think it would take to make it look as smooth as how you perform it (if even possible)?

    3.) In your 3-4 years with this trick, have you ever been caught performing with the gimmicked ring? Or it's very hard to catch notice of the gimmick?
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  11. Any additional tips other than the ones mentioned in the explanation video you may have missed out on when filming?

    I'm a girl and I have thin fingers, would that make it more difficult/easier for me to perform this effect?

    Can you please release more effects regularly? We the people want more !
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  12. 1/ Ellusionnist or theory11 ?
    2/ Dynamo or Criss Angel ?
    3/ when and why did you start magic ?

    PS: sorry for my english ;)
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  13. Hey Calen,
    First of all, keep up the good work! Plan on buying Oddysey soon.

    How do you come up with an effect and get it published? Your work is amazing and id like to know your process.

    What would you suggest to a aspiring magician, looking to hone his skills in the art?

    And, on a much less serious note, what's your favorite color?
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  14. Hey Calen, a big fan of yours, I'm so happy you are releasing again, I haven't got Odyssey yet but I'm pretty sure it's super awesome,

    Anyway my question is: Do you think there are just creative people and "non-creative" people in the world like it's something that you born with? or is it something that you can build and get better at, in other words if I love creating magic but I literally suck at it, I just can't come up with any good ideas and sometimes I just can't get any at all, should I just leave it to the professionals?

    Thanks for being awesome, you inspire me a lot.
  15. 2-What good things I can do with magic besides entertaining people?

    3-Do you think being specialist in something is important in magic and in life in general, or is it possible to be good at more than one thing at once?
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  16. 1.) what inspired you to creat this trick?

    2.) for all tricks, but finger rings especially, do you prefer to use sleigh of hand or gimmicks?

    3.) who was the first Magican you remember watching?
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  17. 1) How do you get inspiration for creating magic?

    2) What is your favorite magic trick?

    3) When did you begin learning magic?
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  18. 1) Favorite non-magic book?

    2) Favorite non-magic movie?

    3) Favorite musical act / album?
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  19. 1) What was the first magic trick you witnessed?

    2) What was the first magic trick you learned?

    3) What are your top three most used sleights?
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  20. 1) What are some of the things that you would recommend for people to do to be more creative?
    2) What is your favorite magic creation so far and why?
    3) What was your first magic trick?
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