Saturday Night Roundtable - Christen & Rob!

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  1. Greetings to all of you out in theory11 land! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far. We're in week two of the all new Exposé series, and we're having a BLAST with each episode. Thank you all for your feedback and support. We're committed to making the show better every single week.

    For this week's Saturday Night Contest, we thought it would be cool to do a theory11 signature roundtable discussion with the two newest faces on the Exposé cast, Rob Anderson and Christen Gerhart. Each time we do this, we give you the opportunity to ask questions that get answered in a podcast.

    Tonight is your chance to ask us anything! You can ask Christen about her experience in magic, how she got involved with theory11, or even her experience working at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Or, you can ask about Rob's adventures getting started in magic, his favorite magician to watch perform, or what the last trick was that fooled his pants off.

    You have until 7:30pm EST on Sunday (tomorrow!) to post your questions. Limit of THREE questions per member, so make 'em count! We'll be answering as many questions as possible in a podcast posted tomorrow at 11:00pm EST. Until then, ask questions and get answers! One random member who contributes to this podcast will take home ANY download on theory11 or The Wire, sent on the house.

    Update! The podcast has been posted. Listen to it now!
  2. Christen and Rob what got you guys started in magic?
  3. questions to be asnwered

    what is your favourite "trick" to perform?
    what do you carry with you on a daily basis wich you use in magic?if a deck of cards,which one?
    What type of magic do you specialise in?
    what is the prize to this snc?
  4. Christen Why would you ever come from NASA to hang out with us geeks here at Theory11?
  5. To the both of you, can we expect any special products or WIRE contributions from you?
  6. To Christen :
    There is so many company out there. Why did you choose T11? Who recommended you to join T11? What make you so sure that you can join T11 team?(What qualify you)
  7. 1. How did you get interested in magic?
    2. What was the main motivation for recreating Expose (can't do the little accent over the e)
    3. How did you get into working with theory11?
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    To Rob and Christen:
    When was the first time you both experienced magic?
    What are the three magic supplies you carry all the time?
    What type of magic do you specialize in?
  9. Christen :: How did you got involve and become the new face in theory11 ??
    Christen and Rob :: Are you are magician or flourisher ?? or both .
    Christen and Rob :: Are you planning in releasing any effects with Theory11 or The Wire ??
  10. Ma questions innit!

    To Christen:
    Did you ever meet Buzz Lightyear when you worked at nasa?
    To Rob:
    If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
    To Christen and Rob:
    What is your number one trick to perform when somebody says "Yo! I wanna see a magic trick or I'll steal your money!"
  11. All questions to Christen Gerhart:

    - Will we ever see a performance or an original magic trick from you?
    - Do nail extensions interrupt magic?
    - What is your phone number?

  12. Christen: seeing that you work for NASA, do you think it is important to get a good education?
    Rob: how do you think magic can contribute to making the world a better place?
    Christen: how would you define magic?
  13. to Christen: do you ever feel a little self conscious when you tell someone that you are a magician, not to be stereotypical but it seems that most magicians are male?
    to Rob: what exactly do you do as part of the t11 team?
    to Rob and Christen: what is your favorite trick to perform, that has absolutely no prep time and/or instant reset?
  14. 1. Can you actually do any magic, Christen?
    2. Rob, have you done any acting classes?
    3. Rob and Christen, what has been the single best moment in magic for you so far?
  15. To Christen/Rob

    1. If someone asked you to perform a trick, which ones would you perform and why?
    2. How often do you practice?
    3. Your favourite deck of cards?
  16. To both Rob and Christen:
    How do you think expose will benefit magicians and develop the art?
  17. to both: what was your life before magic? what would you have done if you did not get involved in the magical arts?
  18. Hey guys...these are my questions...

    To Christen:
    1. Who is your favourite female performer in magic?
    2. What was your first trick performed to a big audience?

    To Rob:
    3. Which country would you like to perfom in?
  19. 1. What is your favourite performance/piece of magic you've seen and why?
    2. Who is your favourite magician and why?
    3. What is your weirdest hobby?
  20. To Christen:

    Is being a female magician any different by being a male magician?

    We all know that female magicians are quite a rare combination, what drove you into doing magic?

    Any advise for a female magician?

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