Saturday Night Roundtable - Jason England


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Jul 23, 2007
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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! For tonight's contest, we're hosting a roundtable discussion podcast. Each time we do this, we invite a different artist or artists to join us in a podcast answering YOUR questions, posted by members around the world. This will be our 58th podcast, with nearly 38 hours of recorded content so far.

This week, we're celebrating release of Foundations 3 - a massive DVD project by Jason England containing over three hours of instruction on six card techniques. This is the third volume of our Foundations series, with immersive instruction on some of magic's most powerful (and challenging) techniques.

In light of that, our guest this week on the podcast is Jason England: one of the most skilled card technicians alive today. Use this opportunity to post ANY question you desire for Jason to answer within the podcast. We'll get to as many questions as we can during the session - and you can ask about whatever you'd like, from tips to techniques and even questions about magic history, pulling from Jason's wealth of knowledge in the world of magic.

Questions must be posted in response to this forum thread on or before 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, March 30th, 2014. Limit of THREE questions per member, so make 'em count. This is an amazing opportunity to gain advice and insight from one of magic's most accomplished and respected card technicians, so I'd encourage everyone to make the most of it! Excited and looking forward to hearing your questions!

Update! The podcast has been posted, and you can listen to it now here in our archive! Within this podcast, Jason discusses the contents of Foundations v3, Jason's own practice routine, and his theories on the actual identity of Erdnase.
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Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
You are one of the few who demonstrate cheating techniques professionally, how do you make a gambling demonstration entertaining?

Do you have a certain theory that you favor as to the identity of S.W. Erdnase?

When you perform almost only card magic how do you put together a show and keep it interesting?
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Mar 3, 2012
I believe that you learnt most, if not all of your art through books, do you imagine your outcome would have been vastly different if you grew up learning from DVD's and videos? E.g. you wouldn't of developed your own handling for some moves?

I'm sure there are a few, but which is the first sleight that comes to mind as being the most difficult for you to master?
Oct 11, 2010
Are there any techniques from Expert At The Card Table that you use as they were originally written?

Do you think Marty Demarest found Erdnase?

Who do you think Erdnase was?
Mar 17, 2013
Thanks for this great chance T11 :)

What was the hardest move you've ever learned/mastered?

Who is your favourite magician?

Sep 2, 2007
1. Have you read Graham Adams' work on Erdnase and do you think he has much of interest to say on the subject?

2. Do you think that magicians sometimes do too much to hide their skill when, actually, audiences might be more interested if they appreciated the difficulty of some sleight-of-hand techniques?

3. When you acquire a new magic book, how do you go about learning from it (i.e., do you work through the whole book trying out all the tricks and moves, do you play with a few items from it, or do you just read it with the possibility of returning to it in the future)?
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Aug 14, 2013
What is your favorite deck (now and past)?

How'd you get started in magic?

How do YOU approach people when showing them an effect?


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Jul 24, 2010
1.What was your first cards related book that you bought?
2.What is your favorite cards deck?
3.Do you see "Foundations 10" a slight possibility in the coming future?


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Sep 8, 2012
Quebec, Canada
What made you to get into card gambling/techniques?
Have you ever cheated in a Casino or in any poker game? let me rephrase that, have you ever used your amazing skills in a casino or a poker game?
What you would've liked to be or what you would've been, if you weren't a ninja card technician?
Nov 24, 2013
1: If you could go back and ask Erdnase any question what would it be?
2: How many foundations do you expect to make?
3: Did you ever use your powers for evil and cheat at cards for money?
Dec 29, 2013
1) How much whiskey do you drink

2) How uncomfortable do you feel filming instructional videos, or are they enjoyable?

3) If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, is it the Ace of spades?

I would also like the back the "if you could ask erdnase one question" question, but didn't want to use it as one of my own submissions - for obvious reasons.


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Sep 14, 2008
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What was one of the best memories from playing a part in the movie "Shade"? Did you get to meet or hang out with Sly a bit or not really? Most of these young guys will not have even seen the movie. I loved it!
Apr 11, 2013
We have never seen a coin material from you, do you use coins or any other magic props in your performance?
What are your thoughts on gimmicks?
Is there any move that you still want to learn, or do you feel like you have the basic fundamentals on every move you want to learn?
Mar 3, 2014
How did you get interested in cheating with cards?

Is it true you really like pranks and practical jokes and, if so, what is your favorite prank/your favorite memory of a prank?

Do you use your skills with cards to do any actual cheating in card games?
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Aug 5, 2012
Do you think that doing a performance with only cards can become boring very quickly?

If so, how do you suppose you would keep it entertaining; would you vary the genre for each card trick?

Do you believe that card moves that are the hardest to master have the biggest payout?
Sep 29, 2012
What is a magic and non magic book you have read/re-read recently that you would recommend?

If you had to tell magicians in as few words as possible, why reading and studying Erdnase is crucial, what would you say in a nutshell?

In relation to gambling moves and sequences specifically (i.e slug controls, false deals, etc.), can you comment on the importance of tempo and rhythm and how to incorporate these elements into practice sessions.
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