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  1. In less than 6 weeks, I'll be jumping on a plane to Portugal to speak at the Essential Magic Conference. The conference is organized by Luis de Matos, David Britland, Marco Tempest, and countless other contributors that made last year's event so remarkable. It's the only magic conference that takes place in your living room - you can watch it on any computer in the world, live, in high definition. And the best part of all is the price: $90. To watch 32 incredible presentations... and yours truly! You'll also receive a DVD set, shipped on the house, of every single presentation. It's an incredible deal.

    Tonight, you have the opportunity to ask the man that started it all any question you desire. That man is Luis de Matos, and he also happens to be one of the most successful stage and screen magicians of the past century. His magic has been seen by millions as a result of his constant touring show and television performances weekly. As far as I'm concerned, he's one of the hardest working performers in magic, and his success is a direct result.*

    Submit up to three questions tonight for Luis to answer in a podcast to be posted within the next 24 hours. Your questions can be about stage magic, EMC, the speakers, his life, his experience, his work - whatever you'd like. For those of you who aspire for a career on stage and screen, this is one of those rare opportunities to ask questions and get guidance and advice from one of the world's best. Make it count.*

    TWO random members who post questions that are asked during the podcast will receive a FREE access code to the Essential Magic Conference. Combined, that's $180 in prizes for your questions. But the advice you'll receive from Luis, I firmly believe, will be worth much more.

    NOTE :: The podcast has been posted! This roundtable discussion has now concluded. Listen to it now here!
  2. What was your inspiration to start EMC?
  3. What inspired you to start doing stage magic?
  4. Where do you see EMC in five years?
    Do you have a dream speaker for EMC?
  5. How long did it take going from idea to actually starting up EMC?
  6. How do you select the speakers for EMC or what is the general process of that?

    p.s. I was impressed with last year's line up as well as this year's. I just wanted to see how you went about this.
  7. 1. Who has been the most influential person to you In your magic career?
    2. With all the other magic conferences out there, what really made you want to make another?
    3. If you had to pick, what would be the best lecture you ever attended?
  8. What do you think is the most important part of magic that we, as artists, need to preserve?

    why do you believe that is the most important?

    and how can we accomplish this as a community?
  9. What is your training process before presenting a trick or illusion?
    Who inspires you outside of magic?
    Why do you think societies needs magicians?
  10. why do you believe that is the most important?

    and how can we accomplish this as a community?
  11. What is the greatest asset to magic that affects your life significantly?
  12. How do you feel when you perform?
  13. What is the future for EMC?
    What was you aim with the EMC? Was it to be 'just another magic convention' or something more?
  14. 1. In What way do you hope to see things like EMC change the way magic is shared ?
    2. What has been your favorite part about the whole experience?
    3. What would you be doing if not magic?
  15. How long have you been performing?

    How will EMC will change the art of magic?
  16. How did you do it that all those big magicians come to your EMC?
    And did you pay them? If yes, from were did you get all this money, because 90$ per ticket is not much.

    And what was your first trick you ever did, and with what kind of magic did you started( Close-Up,...)
  17. Saturday Night Contest - Luis de Matos :: Roundtable

    hello luis

    1. what was the first trick that you created?

    2. who was or is your favorite magician of all time?

    3. What was the very first magic trick you done if front of a crowd?
  18. hello Mr. De Matos . I wanted to ask you 3 questions . What do you think is the most important thing about stage magic? How do you create your magic? How old were you when you did your first gig?
  19. 1.What do you think on the Internet and YouTube generation of magicians?
    2.Why are you so awesome?
    3.Why exactly do you want to organise EMC?
  20. I love to ask professional magicians this:

    What was the last trick you saw that fooled you?

    Also, I would like to know...

    When/where did the original idea for EMC come about?

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