Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

Jul 17, 2010
EMC has opened many doors and possibilities for lectures and seminars in the art of magic, what was your mission when putting this together?
What do you think about online lectures and seminars as a whole? is this great way to learn magic?
Feb 7, 2010
Sweden, Uppsala
What did you do to get the Essential Magic Conference to become so successful so fast?... (What were your goals when you started this great conference ? How did you market it? ETC.)

What's your reason for doing this? (Is it to make money? Is it to help magicians who can't afford to go to "real" conferences? Is it to help the community grow? ETC.)

Why did you choose the speakers you chose and was it hard to make them speak at the conference? (Or did most of them say "yes" right away? Tell us about how you managed to get together all these awesome magicians to one conference!)
Jan 12, 2011
Southern England
On my first paid gig, there was a bloke at the second table i went to who gave me such a great complement and boost. This complement made me feel so good about the magic i do and whenever i feel something isnt going right, i just think back to this one bloke, his amazing moustache and his comments he gave me. Do you have something similar with a review about one of your shows or just a spectators comment that you remember clearly, and if so what was it?
May 21, 2011

We live In a world that thrives on practicality. As artists we dream and stretch into the unknow. But as we live I'n a world that weighs down on our dreams and tries it's best to shuffle us into society without our passionions attached. Forced to conform to a life where our dreams remain the same as they were without a life to breath air into them. My question is, what advice would you offer the strained and passionate I'n there weakest hour? To give them the opportunity to live there dreams asyou have.


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Sep 5, 2007
Decatur, GA
What is the biggest challenge in organizing something like the EMC?

How do you think the Internet and technology have changed magic?

If you could bring 1 magician back from the dead to speak at EMC who would you pick?
May 4, 2008
Can we go to the EMC facilities to meet the speakers personaly ?
Is this going to help Portugal in anyway ?
Are you expecting more people than the last year ?
May 18, 2008
I really like Luis' work.

My question is simply this: I know that you (Luis) do a lot of extreme human body stunts (hence the DVD set). Do you consider this a form of "magic" or a different art entirely? When doing shows on stage, do you try and mix the two?

Can't wait to hear. :)

All the best.
Jan 13, 2008
1. With regard to EMC, what inspired you to go forward with such a large undertaking? Surely there's a lot of work involved, and a lot of people would shy away from organizing such an event--what is it that made you want to stick to it and put on such a great event?

2. With regard to EMC, how are you able to gather so many different artists together at one time? With so many diverse schedules to juggle and make work, there must be a secret to it.

3. With regard to stage magic, it seems like such an expensive avenue of magic to pursue. What advice would you have to someone looking to break into stage magic? (especially from a cost perspective)
Sep 6, 2010
Do you think online magic conferences will become the new standard "magic convention"? Why or why not?
Mar 5, 2011
Wonderful Asia
1. Why should the name was EMC? any related to scientific matter? E=MC 2 ?
2. What is the most essential in there? (related to EMC)
3. What is the real point (choose one) : Presentation, Confrences or Lectures ? (related to EMC)

Cheers :)
Dec 20, 2009
Mumbai, India
1. What in your opinion is the difference between magic and other performing arts?

2. What vibe do you think your spectators are left with after your show "unexplicable-he has powers!" or "he was very skillfull well trained" What are the pros and cons of both these perspectives?

3. I find, while performing stage magic, very often the attention goes more to the 'prop' or giant cage, These objects are relatively unfamiliar and most audience members might just assume they're gimmicked in some way and just leave it at that. I know it figuring it out isn't the point of magic, but it loses its charm if they do know how its done (or think they do). So how do you get around this?

4. How did you stop the world ending?
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