Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded


Joseph C

What's the difference between "decoding" and "exposure"?
What makes "The Turk" magic, and not just a mechanical device?
Do you have Moxie in your teapot?
1/When planning the special, did you have set illusions that you automatically wanted to feature or were the illusions that ended up on the show chosen because of research done after the special was a go?
2/When it comes to magic history, who do you find to be one of the most interesting magicians/concepts to look into?
3/What do you think of Canada?


Jun 9, 2012
With the special of "Lost Magic Decoded", how do you hope to inspire this, and the next generation of magicians?
Jan 6, 2012
1. How has (or will) "Lost Magic Decoded" affect your magic going forward?
2. What is the one thing that most magicians need to get better at to become superb magicians?
3. How often do you change your show at the Astoria? How do you approach that process?
May 20, 2012
1-What was the last trick/illusion natural phenomena that truly amazed you.
2-Who do you draw inspiration from in the magic community.
3-What is your all time favourite effect?
Aug 25, 2012
1. what was you favourite trick growing up starting in magic?
2. what are your inspirations?
3. how do you choose what magic you would do on television?
Sep 29, 2012
1. What is the trick you use most often when you are performing?
2. What kind of magic will you be decoding in the television special?
3. How long have you been filming the television special?
Feb 9, 2011
What could you tell new magicians so that they would get inspired to stay on their track of learning more?
How do you find your spectators' reactions (amazement) right when you just performed an effect?
Would you love to receive a Lightsaber on your birthday?


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Oct 18, 2011
- Who is the magician, or person in magic, you have learnt the most with?

- What do you think is the future of magic?

- What is your magic slogan?
Oct 13, 2012
What is the first place you perfomed at publicly?
What is your most powerful trick/routine?
What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a name for himself in the magic world?


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Aug 31, 2007
Hi Steve,

My wife and I loved your Waldorf show when we saw it a few years back. It was also a real pleasure to meet you.

My question is in your research, (knowing the secrets behind them) which effect did you come across that was the most dangerous for magicians to perform? (highest chance for something to go wrong)

Without exposing the method, what effect had the most interesting method? Which one made you excited?

What is your favorite effect to perform in your show?
May 20, 2012
1. Were you nervous when you did the bullet catch?
2. What is you opinion of cardistry?
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Jul 21, 2012
1) What is your favorite finish and stock for a deck of cards?
2) What was the last effect that you saw that fooled you?
3) When coming up with a trick, do you choose the method behind the trick or the actual effect first?
Dec 29, 2011
1. What are your thoughts on performing for Letterman, what did you think of him as a spectator?
2. What was the transition from more Parlour style into stage magic like, which do you prefer?
3. How does performing in different cultures (Japan) compared your home country differ?
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