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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
We just started shooting with Michael Herp for his debut cardistry DVD entitled SOLO. SOLO is a collection of beautiful, organic card flourishes from the newest theory11 artist. You can see Michael and Calen Morelli taking a break from production and having a flourish-off HERE.

Maybe some of you have never heard of Michael. You might not have seen his work. Tonight's your chance to get to know him a lot better.

Tonight, you have the opportunity to ask up to 3 questions for him to answer live in a podcast later this evening. It can be about how he got started in Cardistry, his influences, his motivations, and of course - SOLO. You name it. Remember, only 3 questions per member!

Submit your questions in response to THIS forum thread by 11:00pm EST. After 11, we will record a podcast with Michael answering as many questions as possible. One member will be selected at random to win a deck of Brown Wynn's, as used within the SOLO DVD.

Learn a little, win a lot - very excited to hear your questions and looking forward to a great discussion tonight.

UPDATE :: The podcast has been posted! Listen to it now here.
Nov 3, 2010
Hey michael my name is patrick and i wanted to ask you these questions.

1. What is your creative process when making a flourish?
2. Who inspires you to flourish?
3. Why did you name your DVD Solo?
Nov 16, 2010
is there an event that inspire 1 of your flourishes?
do you flourish whyle you study
is there a deck of cards that you most prefer for flourishing?
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Sep 4, 2010
what got you started with flourishing rather than card magic?

who is your inspiration in your art?

what will you do to try and top yourself in the future?
Oct 19, 2007
1. What happened to project one?
2. How did you come in contact with T11? As in how did you begin to collaborate ect.
3. Best advise for flourishers whether your new or advanced?
Apr 2, 2011
1- What magicians have influenced your work?
2- What got you into magic?
3- With what process do you create your flourishes
Jan 31, 2010
This is something I've always wanted to ask.

What makes you want to flourish? I guess more specifically - Do you get to perform your flourishes, even semi-regularly, for people other than magicians/card flourishers? Or is it just a fun activity to do in your spare time?


1. As a flourisher, do you have the need to out do other
flourishes created by other cardists you've seen, in the creative process?

2. What is the deck of cards, that gives you the best feeling of handling, fanning, flourishes and magic?

3. How do you feel you have changed the community yourself, how you inspired other people?

Thanks, Michael.

- Jaryn
Mar 6, 2010
Hello Michael. My questions are:

1) How long does it generally take you to develop a flourish while undergoing your thinking process?
2) How has being a flourisher impacted your every day life?
3) What was the first flourish you ever learned?
Oct 22, 2010
Favoruite magician (or flourisher)?
If I came to your home and looked in refrigerator, what would I find?
How was flourishing first introduced to you(from magic)?
May 7, 2009
when you create a flourish is it usually on accident or do you have in mind what you want to create?

who are your inspirations in flourishing?

what do you hope to accomplish with your skill?
May 30, 2010
1. Just like Andrei Jikh, did you feel the need to take a break from flourishing for a few months?

2.What quality do you have that separates you from the other flourishers from this generation, or better yet, what does your flourishes have that separates them from today's array of flourishes?
Hey Michael..
I wanted to ask you these three questions..
*how do you create your own flourishes..?
*What is the deck of cards, that gives you the best feeling while flourishing XCM.?
*Who Inspires you most.?

Dec 4, 2010
- What were/is your practicing schedules like?
- What is your style of flourishing?
- Are you also knowledgeable in the category of magic?
Sep 1, 2007
1) Do you do any magic?/ do you incorporate flourishing into magic?
2) Zach said that he saw a video of you doing all the flourishes on the dvd without dropping a card. Do you have a specific practice method on not dropping cards or do you just practice a lot and are that good? (You're kind of a big deal)
3) Do you watch your own videos and think "Holy crap I'm good"? or "Holy crap I'm sexy"?


May 3, 2009
how you start interest in cinamatography? and how you define its importance in the are of Cardistry ?
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