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  1. Say something nice so something amazing can happen at 11:D
  2. I really like the positive way you guys are trying to look at magic. NICE ENOUGH!!?!?!? Well it better, cuz I know how to take out some critics!
  3. I really like how T11 is trying to progress the art. On another note, why this thread??
  4. I like how theory11 really is focused on helping others advance in their magic. Like JB said, they started out to revolutionize magic for what it is today, and they HAVE accomplished that goal. Keep up with the great work guys at theory11! And Jon Raiker will always be the badass of the bunch, next to JB, and even Ninja-Hands Jason England.
  5. ummmm

    I like the uncut sheet of guardians sat night contest for jbs b-day wich happens to fall on boxing day in canada (not really) t11 started out the size of a wood chip but has grown into a giant bear or a puma!
  6. Jb said

    Be nice and something amazing will happen at 11
  7. okay ladies and gentleman we have a genuine psychic here at T11 .... ;)
  8. Sweeet

    :dnice work!!!!
  9. Twitter helped.. lol
  10. In the last ten years there were two big revolutions in magic ( teaching wise ) one was the trilogy and the other is theory11.

    On the other hand the biggest revolutionist after Houdini must be David Blaine.

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