"SAY WHAT?" By: Alexander Vornoff (Steerpike.)


Say what is new Ebook that was emailed to me for free by Alexander Vornoff, known better as Steerpike. He wrote this Ebook and intends for it to educate the masses. He sent it to me for free and in return I just had to review it. But I will be totally fair and honest with my opinions.

"Say What?" Scratches the surface of a couple different topics such as Scripting Rotuines, Making a character for yourself, Building a Rotuine, and more. It will help you out greatly. It also shows the pros and cons of certain subjects such as Imrov patter opposed to a scripted routine. The last 3 pages provide you with questions and lines to answer them on. These questions will help you a great deal if you choose to take the great advice given to you in this Ebook.

Lets get into it...


The first section you will read is the Intorduction. It gives you alittle bit of a background on Alexander as well as provides you with some really basic descriptions on scripting, routining, and building a character. You will become more involved in the chapters ahead with those subjects.

Mr. Vornoff makes some very good points in his introduction and it is very fun to read. It will captivate you instantly and make you want to read on. This section was pretty good and a great start to the book.



Chapter one starts by giving you some in depth knowledge about scripting as well as improv and also compares the two making some great points and debateable points in the process. In addition, Alexander also goes over the topic of developing a character a little bit.

In this chapter he basically tells you what scripting is, why you should do it, why you should have a character, and why all of this will help you in the long run. He also speaks about how if you script then you can use some imrpov in an emergency.

He talks a bit about how with your character and persona you are able to modify tricks to fit your character and draw the audiance in towards you. You also can allow your mind to take over in a scripted routine because everything has been done so many times that your brain will do everything on autopilot. Not a bad thought I must say.

There are also other pros he tells you about characters and scripting but I don't want to ruin the surprise for you so that is enough here I think. In the end of this chapter, as well as the others, he gives you some main ideas that were talked about in this section which allows you to look back and quickly regather your thoughts.

SCORE THAT: 7.5/10


In this chapter we go into great detail about the beneifits of having your own character and persona and how it will eventually help you out. It also, explains how you can create your own character.

"Imitating the best in magic might mean picking a name that means a lot to you." - Alexander Vornoff

The above statement comes from chapter 2 and is absolutely true. By watching your favorite performer you can somewhat copy what they do and see if their style works for you. Honestly, I find this chapter the most interesting and brings up tons of good points.

In addition, this chapter will talk about decding what reactions you want. This, in turn, will help you improve you character and decide what effects you should perform and how you should present them. This is a great part of the whole book and incredibly useful.

also, it will help you by telling you how you can relate to your audiance and help them get comfortable around you and really begin to like you and want to see more of you.

The whole chapter is a good read and all of the advice is solid and will help you out a ton I immagine.



This chapter will help you by explaining, in a nut shell, how to come up with a routine as well as adjust it to fit your character and script.

Throughout the chapter he provides you with great examples and made up situatioons to really get you to see what he needs you to see in order for this Ebook to hit you full force.

Some basic concepts covered here include:

How to pick an opener
What the body of your routine should be filled with
How to pick a closer
How to involve the audiance
And putting everything together

There is also advice given about knowing where you are going to be performing so you will be able to adjust your tricks based on what type of gimmicks and moves you'll be using. It is very useful. There is a ton of work to be done but in the end it will seperate yu from every other magician.

SCORE THAT: 7.5/10


In the conclusion Alexander Vornoff (Steerpike) quickly provides you with a list of the key elements discussed in his Ebook, "Say What?". He also, gives you some writing techniques that can be useful for writing up a routine, script and character. He explains:

Automatic Writing
Clustering and

These help you out a lot, especially when you are going to write up scripts and don't know where you should start.



The pages after the conclusion are filled with questions and lines to write on. the questions will help you create your character, your script, and your routine. They also will shed some light on things you didn't even realize about yourself before. I find that these questions helped me out a TON.

SCORE THAT: 9.5/10


A great score. I would recommend this to anyone who eventually hope to go pro. Or anyone who just wants to improve there shows...


There are a total of 19 pages.
a Title Page
14 body opages filled with info
and 4 question pages with questions to get you started.


This Ebook will be sold for 5 dollars. If you have an interest in getting it or any questions Email Alexander Vornoff (Steerpike) at:


Eventuallly it will be up on the site but for now Email him there.

I loved this Ebook and will recommend it to anyone. SAY WHAT?... is a must have.

Dylan Piknick
May 8, 2008
Cumbria, UK
Wow, I always had a lot of respect for Steerpike and this sounds exactly what I could use at the moment. I will almost certainly pick this up at some point. Thanks a lot for the review and thanks to Steer for bringing this out.
Nov 23, 2007
I dont have any interest in building a character. When I perform I like to focus on being myself and have the specs know that it is magic or illusion not some figment with real magical powers doing it. Thats how my routine is built and thats what works for me.

I understand however that Steerpike (as well as many others) has a totally different style that works well for him and he is very successful with it.

Ive talked with Steerpike many times and while I'm pretty set in my routine I'll be picking this up because I understand how his mind works (a little) and I know I'll get good info from the other subjects.

I dont mind paying the five bucks but I wish he was giving it away as this is something a lot more people need to be focusing on (myself included).
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