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    Hey guys. I've been keeping myself busy these days and haven't had much time to post on the forums. I figured I'd keep you guys up to date on my current endeavors.

    Last night I took part in having a small showcase at a school's fair to hopefully build up my clientele. I had my own table and set out brochures and business cards. A lot of kids came up to me asking to see magic, and rest assured I put a few smiles on their faces.

    Honestly, that's the best feeling in the world. I had a friend take a couple of pictures for me so you can check them out.

    For some reason I'm having trouble uploading some of the pictures; so you can view the rest here if you'd like:

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  2. Sounds great! Thanks for keeping us posted. I love how open kids are to magic and how they see it. I'm doing a kid show also in a few days featuring health and safety, so fun :).
  3. That is really cool!
  4. Awesome, Good Idea. I thought of sorta doing the same thing.. but doing it just for fun... sense I live in a small place it would just be cool to sorta get known as that magician with the little table.
  5. Nice pictures Danny. Love to see you out and working man. Word of mouth travels very quickly from events like these.
  6. David, thanks and yes, kids have no problem walking up to you and asking for magic. I had a lot of fun performing for them, which was surprising since I rarely perform for children.
    Also, try and get someone to take pictures for you at your gig to share with us!

    Thanks William. But don't think of doing something like this. Just do something like this. It will be well worth it for you man! I already booked my next gig!

    Rick, thanks for the compliment. I love to see myself out there and working too haha! I'll let you know how my next gig goes over. :D
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    Hi David. Do you do magic shows as well as health speech to kids? Looks like a great gig. Any site where we could check out your services then?

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