Scotch and Soda VS. Dime and Penny

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scottbaird, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Does the size of the coins change the "effect"? What makes one superior? Which do you guys use, and why? Is one more suitable for a certain type of routine than the other?

    Interested to hear your views.

  2. Hey Scott, Glad to see you in the coin forum, maybe you can make it more alive.

    I use dime and penny because it is cheaper :). But for a bigger croud I would definetly use scotch and soda because it is bigger and more people will be able to see it.
  3. Personally, I use Scotch and Soda. Mostly because I feel the size giets a bigger reaction, and draw, and for the fact that I can do sleights with the half-dollar afterwards. Pennies are small, and I have pretty big hands, so coin rolls and palms aren't too easy.
  4. I prefer Scotch and Soda becuase sometimes you get a person thinking you could easily have another dime or penny palmed because they are so small..with scotch and soda, people dont always think you could have an extra coin. Just my opinion though.
  5. Do you guys think that the Scotch and Soda is the better set because the vanish of the CENTAVO appears harder, due to its larger size than the dime?

    Also, can you guys think of an instance where the dime and penny is the BETTER choice? Maybe for a killer ending. (It would be hard to make a centavo appear inside a rolled cigarette, but a dime... :)

  6. scott im glad your on here making interesting coin threads. anyway.
    check out joel givens book for a fantiasic slot machine routine using D/P

    i don;t do the normal d/p s/s effect. personally i use them for utility
  7. As soon as I saw scotch and soda performed, I went and bought dime and penny. Why? the coins can be borrowed.

    I talk about how copper has a very high melting point and therefore a dime will melt at a much lower temperature. I'll place the dime on my open palm and seemingly rub the penny on top of it, then the dime completely vanishes.
  8. What about orange juice and vodka? Does anyone use that?
  9. Well not when I'm doing magic. I want my audience to see more coins than there actually are; not me :p
  10. The best trick I've seen with the Dime and Penny is Garrett Thomas's. You can find it on Volume 1 of Inside the Mind of Garrett Thomas (DVD). It's called "14 Cents."

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