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  1. i personally really enjoyed the 1337 notes, has a variety of ideas, concepts and just cool magic.

    it has everything from a TnR card to swallowing a borrowed necklace and retrieving it from your belly button, its a big variety of material.

    most effects due take some setup, but minor.

    My personal fav. effect from the pdf is:

    20-B Low: The agent of illusion request that a witness present remove a $20
    bill from their wallet. Handing them a pen, he also instructs that they
    sign it for identification. The witness now folds their bill into
    quarters, and hands it to the agent, so he can carry on with his mission.
    The bill is laid on top of a glass table, and the agent slowly waves his
    hands over the bill, which is then seen to MELT down through the glass
    table top, so it is stuck to the underside of the glass! The witness or
    the agent can then remove the bill from the underside, and unfold it, to
    verify the witnesses signature.

    i have not yet purchased the other products, but anything from Sean is worth looking into.

    he is one creative guy.

  2. Yes, same here.

    I really enjoyed 1337 Notes.

    If your after a PDF with a variety of material from Sean Fields, this is for you, at least in my opinion.

    As Robert " The Mystifyer" has already stated, most due require a very minor set-up...but the end result is great.


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