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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by domwhit23, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. I've done this before, but I've got another effect that I would like to release on The Wire as a free download. I just wanted to ask what people thought about it, whether it's worth uploading or just any other feedback you think is necessary.
    The effect is one where the spectator selects a card and then finds it themselves.

    Here is the YouTube link:
  2. The trick is really good. It's a bit similar to the classic ACAAN plot, but I do believe it is not that free of choices of course. But I really like it.

    Can I just ask, can the deck be done with a borrowed deck of cards?

    Btw, if you submit this, and it get accepted, I think I would have bought this, because I am a bit curious. I think I understand some of the effect, but not all, so I want to figure it out a way. Again, I think it is a nice, simple and good effect to do close-up.
  3. I have submitted this trick as a free download but unfortunately it was rejected on the basis it wasn't original enough. I did think that people would understand the main basis of the effect but would want to download it to find out the rest of the effect.

    To answer your other question it can't be done with a borrowed deck and isn't impromptu but thanks for the positive feed anyway.
  4. I can think of a extremely easy to perform version of this that is impromptu and can use a borrowed deck, which looks identical to this. Why use a gimmick when you can recreate the exact same trick, with the same handling, without a gimmick?
  5. The trick doesn't use a gimmick, but does require a setup. A more simple, less impressive version of this is almost impromptu, but like I said, not very impressive.

    What trick are you talking about?

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