Seasons Greetings!

Dec 6, 2008
toledo, ohio
Thanks for sharing that Craig, it was interesting. Sad how poor some peoples financial skills are, but broke people (moms and dads) only know how to teach broke mentality (bad habits, immediate gradification, trying to repair a low self image with items) to their children, so the cycle continues. And as we take Jesus out of Christmas (freedom of religion?..seems more like freedom from religon), all we are left with for the holiday is the remainder, the shopping. And that seems kind of empty without the true meaning of Christmas backing it.
As this Christmas celebration grows near, lets all find ways to bless others in ways they could never repay - get some groceries for a family that is in need - but dont show up for the praise, leave it on the door step, ring the door bell and walk off. See if some of that emptiness doesnt fill right up, and you dont have to go in debt to do it! Any thoughts?
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