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  1. I've been designing these cards for almost a year now. It's been a dream of mine that has turned into something a bit larger. But I digress.

    Before providing the images I'd like your thoughts as magicians and card manipulators what you would like better in a black and white card set.

    1)All black cards paired with all white cards or
    2)Black cards with white borders and white cards.

    I mocked up a few examples trying to figure out which I liked better but am still torn between the two options. Hopefully you guys can help me decide. Below are images of the backs and faces.



    The idea here is that the first iteration looks SO nice allowing for black faces and an all black back. However, as I've performed with black cards, edges for double lifting annoy me a bit.

    The second iteration has the black and white decks having the SAME white faces because of the white borders. This leaves less diversity for the set. BUT, it allows a magician to change cards between the sets giving more magic utilities.

    I guess its a pull between appeal and function, manipulator and magician? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    I do have more pictures of the boxes and Jokers if you guys are interested, but this was the only real concern I had regarding the set.
  2. I really love the white backs with white faces. Definitely is a piece of eye candy. Congrats on your deck design! I hope to buy a couple in the future if you decide to offer these to the community.
  3. They are something to be proud of mate. Really, really aesthetically pleasing. It 100% shows in the design work, the time and effort you have put in to these. The best "home-designed" deck of cards I've seen. Period.

  4. Those may be the sickest deck of cards I've ever laid eyes on.
  5. White faces definitely for me. I've never been a fan of black faces. They just look abnormal and deterring to me.

    Not sure about backs; I like both.

    And I love the Joker design btw.
  6. Amazing cards dude. I love the design. Is there really no option for more color though? Like maybe a color that most people like? Maybe something different like Orange?
  7. Wow... I am impressed. Those look fantastic. I am known for being a bit of a hard case when it comes to playing card design, so just know that it takes a lot to impress me. You have done so. When I have a moment, I will dig in and get critical, but for now, well done!


  8. Wow! That is all I thought when I saw the pictures of these cards! In my opinion, I think you should do the black cards with the white borders and then white faces. This is very helpful for double lifts even though it is possible to do it with different color fronts and backs. When you decide to come out with these cards you definitely need to let me know man because I will be sure to buy a couple packs of these beauties.
  9. cbbncieucb! sorry, my jaw dropped and hit those keys... Anyways, I think they're fantastic. Better than some cards out on the market today, I'd buy them. :)
  10. WOW! Those look absolutely incredible, especially the white ones. I'd definitely buy a lot of them if you ever make them available.
  11. The white backs and white faces are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously these cards are stunning!!! Please, please, please let us all know if you make these available to the public; I would love to have some of these to use and have in my collection!
  12. Here's an idea, make all three! :) :) :)

    PS: Seriously though, if I were to choose, I'd buy Primavera Edition, but Seronda is nice as well.
  13. The white ones are by far the best design I've ever seen posted on here by a user. They show an understanding of design that is sorely lacking in every other idea I've seen. The backs aren't really my thing, but I nonetheless think that they're well designed, and I love the faces. The black ones are still well designed, but the black faces combined with the yellow really put me off.
  14. I'm really glad this deck is getting such good responses. I feel like I should clarify though, that this is a deck SET. There will be 2 decks of cards, 1 black deck and 1 white deck. My question is regarding the border issue of the black deck with its black faces or to make them both decks have the same white faces.

    I've included extra pictures to give you a better idea of the cohesive set. The final product will be gold foil letterpressed, embossed, and on matte material. That combined with the fact that each deck is different illustrations, makes this I think the first card set in the world to put all these features together. If you guys know of a deck set that has, please tell me. It's a bold statement and I don't want to be wrong about it.

    Hopefully this image will help show the difference in the details of each deck better.
  15. Jesus, the box is just...awesome. The most beautiful box I ever saw!!
    If you put it up on the market, I'm soo gonna buying the two versions.
  16. Alright, I now see what the original post was talking about and let me see if I can clear it up and please correct me if I am wrong. When these cards are released they will be sold in pairs. One of the decks in the pair is going have black backs and the other deck is going to have the white backs. The question that was presented in the first post was if the black back version should have a white border and also if the black back version should have black faces. If I am correct with all this info then I was mistaken on my previous post because I believed that only one deck would be manufactured. Now that I know the decks come in twos, I believe that you should leave the black cards borderless and have them printed with black faces. And obviously the white cards would have white faces and white backs. i hope this clears things up a bit and doesnt make it even more confusing for people.
  17. That's the exact scenario. Sorry to make things so confusing! With this cleared up I'd love to hear from more of you regarding the preference.
  18. I as well think it would be cool to have the two decks be polar opposites. so the white with white faces and the black with black borders and faces.

    are u planning on releasing the decks as a set. as in a both a black and white are sold together. or bother separate? that is if u are planning to release them at all.
  19. Those cards amazing, and the boxes are insane. I would by them in an instant if you sold them.
  20. I must say i am really impressed, i am not a card collector but i would pick up
    a pack of these cards wow nicely done.

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