Second Deal Practice Session

Hey everyone,

Took some time the other day to film one of my second deal sessions. Worked on a few ideas I had seen here and there. Was hoping to get some feedback, more videos to come soon!



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Apr 7, 2012
Very nice job, you've clearly done alot of time with the technique. In my opinion, the greatest card handler of our time is Richard Turner. He has one of the best second deals in the world, I would go so far to say he has the best. You can see him executing the technique at around 6:15. Beautiful move, something to aspire to. You're on the right path friend.
Sep 8, 2012
Although the consecutive seconds are amazing, your tops and seconds still differ quite a bit. you should aim for the goal that your tops and seconds look all the same. you should work on dealing top-top-second-top-top-second....
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