Second Deal Update!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gabriel Z., Aug 7, 2018.

  1. If I didn't know you were doing a second deal, I wouldn't be able to see anything, it's really fluid. Fantastic sleight of hand! Your first two deals are almost completely invisible :)
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  2. Solid.

    Now practice doing fair deals as well as second deals, so your rhythm stays consistent throughout all dealing.
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  3. Holy cow thats amazing!
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  5. Set a reminder to NEVER play cards with you lol
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  6. Thanks .... And I've been meaning to thank you for entering me in those free deck giveaways on instagram. Cheers!!
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  7. This is my third and final update to my Second Deal.... .......... Thinking of dropping cards for a while....... It gets to the point where it gets frustrating. It's like I'm trying to squeeze water from a rock. And this is forum of people most likely to be able to do such a feat. Need to step back for a little bit.
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  8. This looks really great Gabriel from where you started. Don't give up! You are making incredible progress. Just remember that it has taken Jason England many many years to master these techniques; it comes slowly and requires a ton of patience even with a ton of work put in. If you feel like you are more burned out than anything, then it is definitely okay to take a step back and take a small break. Just know that you have made amazing progress and hope you find enjoyment out of practicing again!
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  9. I'm no "master magician " lol but I think you've got the second deal.
    It would be great ... for the rest of us... if you gave up cards for a bit lol
    Gives us a chance to catch up.
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