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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe Garcia, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Guys I want to buy an expensive phone, but the problem is where I live there are a lot of incidents of robbery. I do not want to loose my phone. What my friends do is that they keep two phones one for the robber and one for themselves. So I was thinking using our knowledge of hiding things secretly, why dont I create a secret pocket, where I can put my phone when I am on the streets. Any ideas and suggestions in this regard are appreciated. And if the robber comes I can give him the cheaper phone instead. This reminds me of the story when David Copperfield was robbed.

  2. Whenever I have the TKO on, I usually keep my phone in it. That might work for you.
  3. You're the magician you should be a step or 2 ahead... I've never been robbed before but been in places where there is a lot of robbery. You can either palm your phone and act like you don't have anything or topit or if its a small phone use TKO. But you can always put your phone on the side of your sock if you're wearing pants, they might take your shoes but not your socks...

  4. If a robber comes to you and tells:
    "Give me your phone!"
    You just take it out and drop it in your pants, where your crouch is and tell him: "You want it, then find it." :)
    *robber wallks away all confused*
  5. I usually keep my phone in a balloon for safe keeping...
  6. Why pay for a book that teaches you to throw a playing card when most people can easily throw cards fast with accuracy and distance with just days of practice? A week after I learned how to throw a playing card I could nearly hit a bulls-eye most of the time on a dart board pretty fast. Just go Buddy "Aces" Israel on him and chuck a playing card at his eye, watch it bleed, then hide in a tub until a bunch of strong guys with guns charge in.
  7. That is a great way to get raped.
  8. I have read the book, and there is no practicality of Cards as weapons. I like the crouch idea, I was thinking of wearing pantires with a built in pocket, and I can alter my jeans pocket with a velcrow style pocket so I can put my hand in the pocket and access the panty, to take the mobile out. Lets see what I come up with.
  9. Do that here in Mexico..and it´s an open invitation to cut out your sponge balls..
  10. Yeah, robber seems to be one step short of rapist...
  11. you could go to the gym a couple times a week and/or take a basic self defense class
  12. Where I'm at we don't get robbed like that, we usually get robbed by someone sneaking up and breaking into our shed. If someone is going to come up to you and say give me your phone, I would punch him. You can get insurance on phones I heard, and you get a new one.
  13. Keep it in your sock or something. We have some robberys but not so much that I would have to worry about walking around with my phone.

    I carry a knife, just in case.
  14. Unfortunately punching wont help, because usually these guys come in groups. I asked a friend of mine and he told me to hide it in a medicine box or card box. or may be a book. But I would prefer a secret thigh holster. But would keep it in a card box just instead. Unfortunately where I live there is no insurance of mobile phones.

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