Seeking: Book Suggestions for 11 yr old

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  1. Hi everyone,

    My middle child (age 11.5) has become interested in card tricks lately. We're firm believers of feeding our kids' interests, especially at this age. Do you have any favorite books that teach upper-beginner or intermediate card tricks? He's not a little kid, so I don't want them too baby-ish (he's a mature 11), but I don't want them to be too complex.
  2. Richard Kauffman's Knack Magic Tricks
    Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards
    Joshua Jay's Big Magic for Little Hands
    Joshua Jay's Magic the Complete Course

    Although not specifically for kids, John Scarne's Scarne on Card Tricks (one of my favorite books).
  3. The Secrets of Alkazar: A Book of Magic for Young Magicians
    by Allan Zola Kronzek

    It is so, so good. I would have LOVED if someone had given me that book when I was eleven. It would have changed a lot for me.
  4. My son is 11 and I know what kind of books 11 year old read.

    A good "all around" magic book that covers all aspects (lots of cards) is Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic.
    You can see the pages and pictures in this video

    But don't rule out DVD's - most kids his age are learning visually.

    Any of the "self working card trick" series DVDs from Big Blind Media would be amazing.

    Or the MOVE ZERO DVDs from John Bannon and Big Blind Media

    You can find all of these products from PENGUIN MAGIC .COM

    I'd also suggest a stripper deck and a svengali deck

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