Seen This Before?


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Jan 8, 2010
There are hundreds, maybe thousands of variations on this plot so it would be hard to say where it really originates from. It was decent but invest a bit of money and time in to pinky counting, your double needs work.
Sep 17, 2007
At its heart, it's a variation of Chicago Opener.

It needs a little fleshing out. Right now it lacks motivation. It's a color change and a back revelation but one doesn't lead to the other. It needs a good set up for the ending.

As far as the double issue, the turnover itself looked fine. I think the above poster was commenting on the get ready. But there are many ways to get ready for a double without doing a pinky count. I know many magicians who don't pinky count whose doubles look really good. I don't pinky count. I use strike doubles. Or sometimes the bubble break.
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