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  1. I've gotten some great advice on the forums and I thought I'd ask for something a bit more specific. Namely for recommendations of videos on the topic of self-working card tricks. It has been suggested to me that Penguin Magic is a good source of such material and I've looked at that site (nice to have reviews available as well). Anything available there that is good? Someplace else?
  2. i've seen a few on scam school -> youtube chanel. but you must go around and watch a few videos
  3. I was looking more for DVDs and downloadable videos.
  4. As Misu said, Scam School has quite a few self-working tricks. You can find a lot of stand-alone self workers just by searching on Penguin, in fact, Penguin Magic offers 12 free tricks at the beginning of their site. If you type "Self Working" into their search bar, you will find a ton of DVD's on Self-Workers. While I don't personally own them, I've heard a lot about the Big Blind Media ones. You can also check out @Magic Orthodoxy 's review on a lot of self working DVDs over on his YouTube channel, and take your pick from there.

    I would suggest something slightly different than DVDs though. This is just my personal opinion, but for self workers, instead of a video, I suggest picking up a book. They'll have much more info, are often cheaper, and you can reference them whenever. Plus, most of the time, they are explained very well.

    Here are just a few great books I know of that have self-working/semi-automatic card tricks:

    Scarne on Cards - an older book but it is full of some of the best self workers out there. 10 bucks for 155 tricks

    Card College Light - A 3 part series (The books being Card College Light/Lighter/Lightest) by Roberto Giobbi that not only shows you some great self workers, but how to legitimately perform them. A lot of people just throw the trick at the spectator, but Giobbi shows you how to create a presentation with them. Very easy to understand as it is a modern book. He has another series called "Card College". Don't confuse the 2, Card College is a 5 part series that will start from the absolute basics of card magic and work your way up to some of the best stuff. However, not everything in there is self working, and it is a bit pricey (not to mention the fact that it is HUGE). It is a fantastic way to master card magic. But Giobbi put his self workers in the "Card College Light" series.

    The Royal Road to Card Magic - by Jean Hugard and Fredrick Braue. The very basics of card magic. Mostly everything in here is completely self working, or uses beginner level sleights, and will teach you the moves very thoroughly (though it takes a few pages to get used to the wording. It is a great alternative to Card College (and is only $10). It has less content, but it is very precise and easy to learn. It also has a sequel "Expert Card Technique", which builds upon the Royal Road, and teaches some more advanced sleight of hand.

    Karle Fulve's Self-Working Card Tricks - Karl Fulve's published a lot of books on self-working card effects that are impactful and easy to do. Though I haven't seen anything from them myself, I have heard a lot of great things about them, and many of the more experienced magicians on these forums recommend them to beginners.

    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic - This book doesn't focus specifically on Card Magic, but it teaches a lot of great easy-to-do tricks. It also has a fantastic list of great tricks outside of Card Magic, and covers almost everything.

    If you need more help in choosing a book or DVD, let me know.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking at DVDs and videos because I have great difficulties learning from books. I saw several people rave about the DVDs from Big Blind Media so I may begin with what they have to offer.
  6. Definitely check out Move Zero by John Bannon, published my BBM. Amazing stuff in that series.

    There's also Super Strong Super Simple by Ryan Shlutz, from Vanishing Inc.

    Killers by Paul Wilson, from Art of Magic.

    Hope this helps :)
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  7. also you can try sucker punch. it is very cool
  8. "Ultimate self working card tricks by big blind media" is awesome.

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