Sending Elite Points?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bubbysib, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. I heard you could send elite points from one account to another, and my friend is a much bigger magic fan than I am (I'm really on T11 for contests and free tips and tricks, I can't buy stuff), so I wanted to surprise him with my elite points, which I hope total to a pretty high number. Is there any way to send him elite points? If so, please tell me! Thanks!
  2. contact there support team and give them the name of the account and their email.
    Hope it helps.
  3. Does this actually work?
  4. No. Someone in another thread asked a similar question - they are not able to transfer points between accounts. The system just doesn't let them do it.
  5. Points generally cannot be sent from account to account.

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  6. Oh thats a shame ? Do you know if they will ever implement it?
  7. that can be used for cheating. Someone could make multiple accounts and spin so many times during holiday contest and send all the points to one account. That would be unfair to theory 11
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  8. Hopefully they'll do it after the contest is over.
  9. That's not really likely. Why would they? Every change you make to a site requires coding changes and risks breaking things. It may also be out of their hands. Chances are they are not using an in-house coded back end (why would they when there are so many good ones already out there?) so they'd have to have the changes requested every time they did a contest or anything involving the points.
  10. Yeah youre right . Thanks for your time.

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