Sense-sational by Ryan Schlutz

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  1. Sense-Sational

    “Diabolical. Unfathomable. Incomprehensible. These are a few words we exchanged when Ryan first demonstrated Sense-Sational to us. In his first download with Vanishing Inc, he demonstrates his signature effect, one of the most deceptive impossible location routines ever devised.
    There are many impossible location routines hidden in print. But for us, they all suffer from one drawback: they LOOK like mathematical effects and cannot be performed for laymen. Sense-Sational is the perfect solution. Not only is it a real magician fooler, but the way Ryan has structured the locations makes it entertaining and impressive, especially to laymen. It doesn't feel like a trick. It feels like a routine.”

    Essentially the effect is three very fairly selected playing cards are found in increasingly fair ways. There are no awkward sleights, no misdirection, just pure magic.

    Effect: 9/10 This is an effect where the magician locates three selected cards. How fairly the cards are selected and lost it makes this an incredibly strong piece of magic. You are not required to use Ryan’s presentation and should feel free to take the separate phases and use them in your own routines.

    Teaching: 8/10 The download isn’t a very long download, but Ryan clearly outlines all of the knowledge you need to learn in order to perform the effect.

    Practicality: 8/10 The only downside to this trick is that it requires a minor set-up. With that said it isn’t a very big setup and can be done in front of your spectators.

    Overall: 9/10

    My thoughts:
    This is without a doubt the cleanest card routine I have seen in person. Everything in this routine is motivated, and there are no awkward movements. I was there the day of filming and sat through at least 20 performances of this. Between people forgetting their cards, technological issues, poorly timed coughing, and a million other issues I had to actively focus on the routine for a couple hours. And after watching the effect that many times I still had no clue as to how it was done. I have never been that fooled so badly in my life. This routine is something that you will use and apply to your magic. It’s a great effect and there has been a lot of thinking put into every aspect of it. I highly recommend it.

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