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  1. Here is my sentinel deck review :) My first review I try to make it to the point.

    The box took my breath away when I first saw it. It is extremely elegant and the embossing adds a whole new level of detail. This is apart from the deckones the best box I have seen for a deck of cards.
    Rating: 9/10

    The deck comes with a theory 11 ad card which isn't that useful. A double back card which can be used for tricks or if you are like me display [I have a wall full of different types of card backs] it also comes with two different colour jokers which can help in some tricks and ruin others, as one is blue and one is red while some tricks require two identical jokers.

    The back design is great to look at it really goes along with the feel of this deck and the modern feel is a refreshing change from gothic skulls and regular bicycles. Sadly as many other decks do it has thick white borders, I personally feel this makes fans look boring and less appealing but apart from that I like these backs allot.
    Rating: 8/10

    The custom design used on all the cards in this deck is great it adds a modern theme and offers a nice change from many USPCC decks. The red pips like other theory 11 decks are a darker red, personally I like this. The pips are also smaller these will be a matter of preference as they can lessen the effect of some tricks that involve colour changes as I think it looks a little less impressive, however I like them as they fit the theme of the deck and to my eyes they are more appealing.
    The Court Cards
    The court cards are, in my opinion, awesome. I love custom face cards and these I will never bore looking at, they are appealing to the eye and as previously stated fit in to the modern art theme. These are the nicest court cards ever in my opinion. They are all different and I love them to bits.
    The Ace of Spades
    It has a simple yet effective design which is up there with my favourite ace of spade designs.
    Rating: 9/10

    These decks handle well. They feel better than the other custom decks I have tried good fans, cuts, aerials and spreads. The finish is different it's hard to describe but I really like it. The stock is thin and snappy and after broken in the quality of this deck has only gone up for me [so far].
    Rating: 9.5/10

    I really like this deck the modern art illuminati feel to it is awesome and if this suits or interests you pick up some of these decks now before they are gone. I ordered 6 and I'll be getting more. Well done Theory 11 on another awesome deck.
    THE BOX: 9/10
    THE CARD FACES: 9/10
    THE HANDLING: 9.5/10


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