Sentinels, BICYCLE 125, or Lee Asher 605 Fournier

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  1. i plan to buy some of the new cards that i never play before..
    which one should i buy?

    because i used card more to flourish and card magic..
    so im thinking to buy cards that can be long lasting and last with every environment.

    please anyone help me:D

    thanks bfore
  2. Sentinels are very long lasting cards. I have a deck that's been used extensively from early August (when I won the Cerca Trova Scavenger Hunt) and they STILL handle great. Their fan hasn't lost it's beauty and the feel is the exact same. They have a Plastic Coat that is used on the acclaimed Ohio Arrcos (which makes them long lasting). They feel essentially like the old run of Arrcos. Definitely recommend the Sentinels.

    As for the 125s, they're okay for me. I don't use them much but they're good practice cards. You just have to pick up a deck or two and try them out to see if you like them. Decks feel different for everybody, so you won't know unless you try for yourself.

    I don't have the Lee Asher 605 Fourniers, but I hear from other people that they are very long lasting. I once again suggest picking up a pack to test out. Just a personal preference when it comes to picking out decks to see what suits you best.
  3. hi CaseyRudd
    thanks for the reply...
    i probably gonna take fourniers a deck or two to tested...
    and save some money to buy senitels..

    thanks again...:D
  4. My advice would be to save your money. I know that these cards look really nice, and I'm not saying that there not worth the money. But come on, 11 dollars for a deck of cards!? You could get like 7 decks of regular bikes. Thats just my two cents, take it or leave it.

  5. As Casey Stated, the Sentinels are great long lasting cards. i know i got a brick and they started getting a little clumpy, but i let them breathe and they were fine within an hour. Another issue is using them in certain performance situations. Some spectators will view them as trick decks.

    As for the 125's i love them. they do get clumpy after a LONG time, but theyre great cards for practice and performance. the design is great too.

    Personally, i dont care much for the Fournier 605's. theyre extremely stiff and take forever to break in, and they do get very clumpy FAST. a plus though is that you can dip them in water and wipe them off and theyll feel brand new and they won't warp. but for 10 bucks i dont think theyre worth it.
  6. Sentinels is best for magic and flourish , but I use 125 more than sentinals , because 125 feel smooth and soft for me.

    Fournier best for magic , but it cant use for flourish with a lot of fanning , but nice for cut.
  7. I would order a deck of Sentinels and bike 125s b/c you can get more bang for you buck and you can get them at the same site. Lot of people hate on 605s but personally they're in my top 5 favorite decks b/c they are just so durable (which is great for me b/c they stand up well to the humidity) They are pricey but I've had the same deck for around 8 months now and it is still going strong. They don't fan or spread very well so I would recommend them more fro magic than flourishing, all in all they are very high quality
  8. at walmart you can get 125's for like a buck cheaper than t11.
  9. You can, I did a while back and I thought that they were probably the second worst quality deck I've ever worked with, the finish was weird and the stock was flimsy at best, but that was just the deck I had and it could have been a bad one
  10. The 125s at Walmart are lower quality than the ones you get here at theory11. I have a Walmart 125 and they don't handle very well at all. The ones I got here at theory11 were perfect and smooth right out of the box. Plus, with the ones here, you get the slick metallic foil print on the front of the box. It's a really cool look to your collection.
  11. The "slick foil" ones are also sold at Books-A-Million. They're one of the few retail shops I've seen with the higher quality ones, although I'm not a fan of the Bike 125s.. Backs look nice, but faces are ugly (except for the AoS) and they clump faster for me.
  12. i live in beijing and im indonesian..
    its hard for me to find cheapest deck around here..

    i found one magic shop and they sell 125 for $15 and standart bikes for $5..
    i just left thats store right away..

    maybe i plan to buy the 125 around 2-3 pack from t11..
    sentinels??not sure....
    coz for me the design people will suspect this is a tricks deck rather than a normal card..
  13. I perform time to time with the Sentinels and no one has asked me if its a trick deck. Mostly they just think it looks cooler than a Bicycle deck they see all the time. Don't worry about it. :)
  14. I know I am a few days late on this thread but I have to stick up for my 125s.

    Wal-Mart sells the "foil" 125s and the handle just as well as Theory11 125s. The ones Wal-Mart sells that aren't "foiled" I believe to be 125s "seconds" (as seen here)which would also clear up why they do not handle as well as other 125s. Also, the Wal-Mart 125s aren't handled and stored the same way Theory11 125s are.

    But, back to the topic at hand. If you want cards that handle well for magic and cardistry, and want cards that can hold up well in all weather I would not get any of the cards you have asked about. Sents and 125s suck in humid weather and 605s suck for cardistry because they can't fan.


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