Sentinels One Way Design?

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  1. Do the new sentinels have a one way back design? I can't seem to find one. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I don't own them, but I don't think so. As far as I know, the centurions (?) and propagandas are the only ones with a one-way design.
  3. I thought the guardians also had a one way back.
  4. Oops, you're right. Yeah, the guardians have a one-way back too. The propagandas back design is the least obvious one-way, as there's only one small line that shouldn't be there.
  5. the metallic is actually in both pictures, but you have to own them to see that in different lighting, the metallic changes brightness.
  6. no they do not as far as i can tell.
  7. Probably the slickest looking box for a deck of cards, ever.
  8. The Sentinels are indeed one-way, and in my opinion it's a lot more obvious than other t11 decks, like the Guardians or Centurions.

    Look closely at the hilts of the swords, then flip the deck around and look again.
  9. Everyone says theory11 decks have one-way designs, the only ones I've noticed are the PROPAGANDA decks.
  10. Two ways to find out:

    1. Turn half the cards upside down and then shuffle them together. Flip through them looking for any change back and forth.

    2. Put two cards side by side with the edges touching. One pointing up, one pointing down. Look at the center and cross your eyes until an image locks in place (if you've ever done magic eye pictures its the same thing). It will seem like you are looking at 3 cards now. If the cards are marked or have a one way design the 'middle' card will be distorted in some way. When you do this whatever the tell is for a one way design will pop right out at you.
  11. Not all one-way designs are obvious enough to pass the test. Propagandas don't really work, and I still can't find how TH9 Circle backs are one-way..
  12. Holy crap you are right. I never would have noticed that. I never use one way for card magic anyway, but i find that that is very subtle. A spectator would never find it. Also, you can see it if you spread the cards.

    Very nice
  13. Sorry I couldn't quite work out how to explain it that well the first time. For the cross eyed test when you have that 'middle card' locked in, look all over the card. Anything that is solid is symmetrical and anything that looks to be half there isn't. Half there would be like how if you put your finger in front of your eye and look at something else your finger looks to be there but is also see through. You may need to be in a well lit area to see some of the differences when doing this comparison.

    For Propagandas I know the dots around the side stars are one way, the side fin line on the bombs are one way, the blades or whatever it is in the center are one way, the 'shading' behind the grenades. Theres probably smaller stuff too. None of it is blatantly obvious though. I'm not sure about circle backs I haven't really looked at them.

    FWIW If you have a sharpie to match the color of your deck you can make any deck one way...
  14. Only one way design I knew was the lines near the grenades. On each side, there's 7 grenades. The center grenade has three lines between it and the grenades next to it on one side. On the other half of the card, one grenade has 3 lines between it and the center one while the other has 4.

    Where's the TH9 Circle-back one-way design? I'm doing the test thing but I can't find it (I've even tried doing it twice, rotating the card each time I try).
  15. I don't see anything that would look deliberately put there in the circle backs. The small triangles inside the blades of the main circle in the center are a bit fuller on the top. Very small stuff like that. If you want to make them one way you could get a sharpie and color in the corner dot inside the square.
  16. If the one way design is near the edge, riffle down the cards, it's really easy to notice. This way you know if cards are marked too (Unless they use UV ink or stuff..)

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