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Discussion in 'Cerca Trova' started by waynehouchin, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. This months topic is on something that each and every one of us will experience sooner or later: being heckled. I have a couple of interesting stories and my own personal solution to being heckled, but before I share those with you - I have a couple of questions:

    1) Have you every been heckled during a performance?

    2) If so, how did you handle it?

    3) Why do you think people heckle performers?

    4) What are some possible solutions to dealing with a heckler?

    I'll talk to you soon!

  2. 1. Yes I have been heckled during a perfomance...kind of. I was doing a trick for a couple of girls at my school, and one of them kept saying "I know what your doing" everytime I shuffled the cards. She constantly ruined the tricks for everyone else by claiming to know what I was doing, even if she was wrong.

    2. That being my only true experiance with heckling (i've only been into magic a year), I wasn't sure how to deal it with then, being a novice and all. I have a plan for next time though, involving asking them to show a trick of their own, or by appealing to the rest of the group. I would ask them if they wanted to see magic or someone explaining a trick, or something along those lines.

    3. I think people heckle performers in general because they want to be the center of attention. However, it is different for magicians. People like to think that they will appear to be smarter if they figure out what your doing. I've also heard people ranting about how magicians are a bunch of frauds trying to impress people with scams claiming that they are magic "Why iced coffee? Why not a million pounds if you can do magic?"

    4. A solution to dealing with a heckler is don't give them their attention. Convince the audience that they would rather see magic and that the heckler is just ruining it. Sometimes turning the tables on them gives them some perspective, I know Gazzo has a book dedicated to dealing with hecklers (I should really pick that up).
  3. 1)Yes

    2) Usually I luck out and it's the kind of stuff like "Now let me shuffle the deck" or "let me turn the card over" during a trick where they can, but if they ask at a bad time I just try and ignore them. Let him annoy the people he's trying to impress y'know?

    3) They're looking for attention.

    4) I would just let him heckle until he pisses off everyone else and if he continues then just leave if you can.
  4. 1. Yes
    2. Own them with sucker effects.
    3. THey are douche bags.
    4. Do a trout production ( produce a trout) and slap them in the face with it.
  5. 1. yes

    2. i performed stigmata by you wayne :D

    3. Some people don't like magic for some strange reason and hate when you do a good trick and they know its not real magic so they try to figure it out.

    4. if you have a hat say "watch ill make a bird appear" than give them the finger. It works and gives every one a good laugh
  6. 1. Yes I have.

    2. I haven't been heckled alot, so when I was I handled it badly...but I remember one time I did do the right thing and just stopped performing and the audience told the heckler off.

    3. They simply want attention...or they just someone whoo enjoys ruining things. They find they can gather all attention to themselves by doing so....and in many cases they do. Hecklers are either intimidated by you having the attention, want the attention or are someone that doesn't like you.

    4. Walking away seems to be a good bet, you aren't gonna get far going at the heckler or something alone those lines, thats what they want you to do.

    P.S. I'd love to hear stories from your expieriences from hecklers, not just Wayne but anyone who has a story to tell.

  7. 1) Yes I have. Two times, a spectator grabbed at my loops and broke it. But other than that, I don't remember... Card tricks usually go well for me :D
    2) I just laughed because they thought it was my hair (HAHAHAHAHAHA). But anyways, I just decided I wont perform loops in front of them anymore.
    3) I think they heckle us because they don't believe in magic and they suspect (in my case) that I was using a string. They just...don't want to enjoy the magic for what it is....they also probably are JEALOUS cuz we can do amazing things that are out of the ordinary and they can't, hehe :p
    4) Possible solution?...hmm...MAKE THEM DISAPPEAR with a lil bit of magic!!! muhuhuhuhhahahaha :D...heh, or keep a tranquilizer gun nearby and hit'em when they're heckling but seriously, I think we should just pause the trick when they start heckling and give them the "I'm gonna kill u if u heckle me ONE MORE TIME" look (aka the annoyed look), but don't say anything when you're doing this, let the stare sink into them. Tell them ur annoyed with ur facial expression.
  8. 1) Have you every been heckled during a performance?
    Yes i have. I find it funny
    2) If so, how did you handle it?
    Well i usaly get the crowed on my side or to like me during the prefomence so basicaly the crowed cuts them down. Or I do something more powerful and more confusing to mess with them
    3) Why do you think people heckle performers?
    Jelus. Lot of times when i preform at school its the big dumb football stars who are used to being in the spot light.
    4) What are some possible solutions to dealing with a heckler?
    Get the people to love you. Talk over hecklers, make them feel shy and quit and always be prepared for them
  9. At the moment I dont have time to answer all the questions but I will later.

    I was speaking to a group of friends, and there was a girl there who I had just performed to, now she wasnt really a Heckler, but she kept saying, "I know how he did that" and such. And at the end she came up to me and said;

    "I really love and hate your magic. I love it because it's really good to watch. And I hate it because I don't know how it's done. I hate not knowing whats going on."

    Why are people Hecklers?
    Maybe is because they don't like the Unknown....

    Cheers, Tom
  10. 1) Yes definitely. I was showing a trick to my senior and he kept saying "I know what you are going to do."

    2) I said "Since you know what I'm going to do, there's no point for me to do it," and I packed my cards.

    3) People heckle performers because they don't want to be fooled. They want to think that they are at the same or higher level with the performer. Since they can't do what you can, they try to make it difficult for you.

    4) I've tried to ignore them, but I've failed badly. Right now, my possible solution is to stop immediately.
  11. 1.yes who doesn't??!1

    2.most of the time which is not that often i just tell them to get lost hehehe no not really.. i just ignore them but if they are really ruinning everything i do tell them to get lost...

    3.actually from my experience i learned to diffirentiate 2 types of hecklers those who just wants to know the trick and those who just wants to be the guy who knows it all....
    they tend to heckle you if you have this "im the best F+#kin magician there is" persona or character... what i do?? i just dont brag about it... and tell them im not doin this to fool or make them look stupid rather make them see and feel the magic....

  12. 1) Yep, worst of all they were gaff tricks...

    2) Well, lately ive found that doing a flourish or two, really helps. It even makes the heckler sit back in awe and it may take there mind off heckling.

    3)I think people heckle because they honestly are either completely stumped by what your're doing, your doing a terrible job at it (happens to everyone), or they're so used to being the center of attention, they aren't used to someone else stealing all the attention.

    4) As stated before, flourishes work well for me. If not, then I find that if you can win the audience to your side and turn the tables, you can win.
  13. Honestly it has never happened too often when I performed. I don't perform much anymore but I performed regularly a while ago and hecklers weren't a normal occurrence. But it happened severely on two occasions.

    The first time such an incident occurred I got into a huge argument with the heckler and that just lost the crowd that was building. It was a mistake to confront the heckler and I learned from it.

    The second time went a lot better as I simply ignored the heckler at first, and when he became physical I simply said to the heckler "You're ruining the performance for everyone else, I'm going to have to stop if you don't." The spectators were on my side and got the heckler to stop his ruckus. I love the word "ruckus".

    Hecklers, to me, seem to only want attention. They are simply attention hogs and seekers. There's nothing we can really do except ignore them. Another thing I noticed is that it makes them feel big, and they get a "high" off of that feeling.

    Ignore them and turn your spectators against them.

  14. Yes, i was heckled. Yesterday I was doing performance for kids, about 6 to 10 years a there was about 7 kids, from beginning there was one hackler when I said pick a card he said "i know this trick and blablabla" worst of all other kids join them, i did couple effects and some kid said change the color of deck, another give me that sharpie, another start reaching my pocket, and finding some of my gimmick, it was horible, about 5 kids heckled me:(

    I think they heckled me because they think they are smarter, they want to show other kids they are better.

    What i did? i just walk away, I think it was best solution,

    PS: then i perform for group of elder kids and it was lot better, no heckler a i make them almost scream

    sorry for my english I am from europe
  15. 1) Yes, a little, nothing major though.

    2) Not very well. I tried to just carry on with the trick but they kept on going and I got really annoyed.

    3) As stated above, they want to be the centre of attention.

    4) I haven't tried this but I reckon doing 'This n That' might work well...
  16. 1.Yes, but nothing major.

    2.I kept performing, when it got to a point beyond my nerves, I ended the performance with my closer and left.

    3.I think that Hecklers heckle, because they don't like magic. They want the attention and don't wont anyone to be better than them. Pure egoism and narcism I guess?

    4.I try to be friendly with anyone and involve everyone in the effect. And of course get the effect goodly (if that's a word :p) enough so I don't have to think of the sleights when you perform. Then you can concentrate on the audience and you soon find the loop-holes. And I also have some "escape-ropes". Lines or moves I do in case someone wants to turn the card prematurely/ Shuffle the deck/ Do whatever they can't do at that moment.

  17. 1.I seldom get pretty lucky.but yes i have a couple times.

    2.The last i remember it was actually a girl.She was blabbing to everyone about what to watch for.And said i was doing somethings I wasnt at all.haha.
    I adressed her,nicely,and decided to perform something just for her.I think i performed D+M's one card switch.Since i didnt have the deck in my hands she trusted me.And she was floored.She's actually a close friend of mine now.

    3.I suppose some dont like attention being on someone else.And others are probably trying to impress their friends by trying to show knowledge of something their friends dont understand.

    4.Well most of the times the crowd(if i have one.i consider a crowd 4 people and up) handles the heckler.they just tell him to sush.
    Most of the time it depends on what they tell me.If they tell me its not real magic i say i never said it was.If they say they know what move i did i go along with what they say but then reveal,vanish a different way that they think im doing it.
    mainly stigmata.
  18. Hmm, usually I don't like responding to these CT's 'cause people always try and find the right answer rather than actually discussing their opinions and actual thoughts. This is kinda different with people actually telling their experiences, I've enjoyed reading them and seeing how different people react, here's mine. :)

    I have only really been heckled twice - other occasions I'd just call it playful banter. I don't perform as much now being as it's been the summer holidays, but last year I performed quite a bit in school.

    The playful banter times were when someone would say "Fake!" and then I'd laugh, they'd laugh and things went merrily along.

    The first experience I had was when I was doing some small close-up magic in the school library on an open-evening type thing. I was setting up ready and up bounces (I say bounces, he may have had some sort of walking dysfunction) what one can only describe in the British term a "Chav". He says "Gon' do some magic then" I responded "Not just yet, I'll wait until a few more people turn up" to which he responds "Yeah you can't can you haha geek" to which I responded "Yeah... of course I can't" he stopped as though I'd just invoked the wrath of Dai Vernon and walked off because I wasn't starting some kind of argument. I think this worked because I didn't challenge him and it wasn't some sort of pre-thought-of remark - it was just my sarcastic personality and I have little patience for "Chavs".

    The second experience wasn't so nasty, rather than someone who was very sceptical and wanted to shuffle at every point, inspect every card etc. Everything you didn't want them to do, they wanted to do. Luckily I could let them shuffle at certain points but the constant interruption forced me to change tactics and get them involved. By involving them in the trick they couldn't interrupt because they were focused on something else. You may recognise this as misdirection. ;)

    I think people heckle performers because as many have said before they like the attention, and if someone else has it they don't like it. Another thing might be the whole showing off to their mates thing? Like at a comedy performance, someone might heckle a comedian to try and be funnier and make their friends laugh - often this backfires and they look stupid in front of the whole audience rather than clever in front of their friends (who I might say are usually embarassed or are also just as immature).

    I don't think there are actual definite solutions to dealing with hecklers because every situation is different and no two hecklers will heckle the same. Sure you'll get similarities "let me shuffle the deck" etc. but you can't expect to use the line "only if you let me switch it first" and have a laugh and carry on. Some will be far more persistent, some won't be. For me the best way to deal with a heckler is to either get them involved to focus their attention on something else or walk away. They're not worth my time or effort trying to battle with in any sense.

    Hmm, this probably made little sense, but hey I enjoy writing nonsense. :D

    - Sean
  19. Hecklers are just insecure people. They need to prove something to themselves or others. They cannot simply expierence something.
    The only time i remeber being heckled was when i performed at a talent show.

    I was back stage and their were some dancers *giggle blush* they asked me what my act was. I told them i was like a jester. They were confused so i got out my deck...whoa almost said something else lol.

    SO anyways, i start this little trick and one of them, the "ring leader" says "you're lying to me arent you", "you know where my card is and it is probably on the top"

    Unfortunatly is was. BUT i recently read a riddle about sooth sayers. SO i said the confusing part of riddle, or what i could remeber of it. I cant rember it perfectly now but it went something like "I know you think i might not be lying, but how are you to be sure i am an unsure and shy truthteller who only lies to.." something something something. But it was confusing. i made bits up in it aswell to make it sound as tangled as i could.

    It was quite a large little "speech" and she just looked at me for a second then BURST out laughing. This could be taken two ways: they found it funny, they found ME funny, asin they were laughin AT me not with me. Regardless this gave me ample time to simply slide the top card into my pocket.No fancy sleights, i just slide it in casually. They didnt notice a thing. Bang i ended the trick with a nice production after they searched the deck.

    I know this probably will sound like a total fluke. and it was. BUt the idea i am trying to present is, catch them off guard. If any of you are good enough to succefully pickpocket. this would be PERFECT. then once they have been made to look like a totaly DOOSH you can continue, or just exit stylishly.

  20. 1. Yes I have been heckled. My biggest heckler is my uncle.:rolleyes: When he was a little kid, he used to do a tiny bit of card magic. Whenever I have relatives over, I love to perform for the whole family. I think it's very fun to do. However.... no matter what I do, the reaction from him is always the same. "Oh c'mon Doug. That's the oldest trick in the book.":eek: What's funny is the rest of the family tells him to pretty much shut up because he just makes it obnoxious for everyone. =P I also had a bad experience with loops that I'm too lazy to type up... (If anyone is really curious, just PM me and I'll put it here. I told this story in another thread.) I don't get heckled often, but it does happen. Luckily I haven't had the worst of the hecklers... (yet.)

    2. Ignore them... Whatever. As I said before, my family shut him up. Usually the people you are performing for will also want to shut the heckler up. =P I never used to think they would... but they do. I just ignore them and let the crowd shut them up.

    I also have another friend that jokingly heckles me. As in he does not mean to be a complete pain to me, but he is. He just tries to be funny. =P Like when I do the SMALLEST action he'll say "LET ME SEE THE CARD!" in a joking voice. Luckily he never heckled me when I was doing something major like a sleight. =P

    3. Look smart or be funny... Like I said, I have a friend that doesn't mean anything bad, but I have to be careful what I perform for him because if I'm not careful... he may accidentally make me mess up. When I was younger and I used to know a few of E's tricks. (This was before I seriously go into magic. My friend actually had How to do Street magic so we watched that together... Many years ago...) Well I was at a relative's bar mitsvah several years ago and there was a magician there. After every time the performer did something, I would have to say something like "I know how he does it!" Now I think back to what a little rat I was. =P (Thank God for puberty.... Sorry, but I had to throw that in...)

    4. Exactly what I said before. Ignore them. Let the crowd shut them up for you or ignore them. If you have to get them to shut up... you can just ask them to please be quiet or something until you are done. No biggy. If they clearly just won't leave you alone because he/she is being a jerk... simply get the heck out of there as soon as you can. Clearly they don't want to be fooled and they like being the "cool" guy that knows everything. They don't deserve to see your magic. However, sometimes they aren't jerks. Like when I was a little kid or my friend... sometimes they just try to be funny. It isn't always intentional to make you look like a fool. Remember that. Their intentions may not be what you are thinking. They don't know any better. Don't forget... they don't know the first thing about the art of magic.

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