Several questions: Colour change, card teleportation, card reveal, Cups and Balls

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Several things I hope you can help me on:
    1. What's your favorite colour change? It would be great if you could give me several suggestions in different categories, e.g. instant, impromptu, most visual, most impossible looking etc.
    2. Is there a method to get a signed card (preferably freely chosen) to a location several feet away (and having the spectator retrieve it himself, if possible)?
    3. Can you tell me the name of the moves in this clip?

    Especially the one at 0:30 and those starting at ~ 1:00 look quite interesting.
    4. Completely different question: What is, in your opinion, the best place to learn the cups and balls? And is there a place describing the technique when using hard objects instead of sponge balls?

    Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
  2. 2. Yes, using "Brad Burt's Signed Torn and Restored Card" principle. But you probably won't like it.

    But if you take a look at the torn and restored card that David Blaine performed on his first special and like what you see. You can PM me for more info.
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    1. I've been doing the Flippant change a lot lately just because it's satisfying and fun. I really like the way the REL change looks as well. If I'm being honest, I rarely use them in performance but when I do I use a shake change or I use a DL and have the "change" happen with the card face down. I also use this one second deal color change thing sometimes.
    2. Depends what you're willing to use to accomplish this. One of the obvious methods is something that might not be feasible to do in every situation.
    3. Can't really help you here unfortunately. I know how to do some of the moves but I don't know their names.
    4. It should be relatively the same between sponge and normal balls. The palms might be a little different though as spongeballs are more compressible. This DVD by the late, great Daryl Easton is a great resource for the Cups and Balls though. Jamy Ian Swiss also has a masterclass on it. Both of these should teach it with harder loads.

    Hope this helped!
  4. 1. Erdnase / Houdini Change and Shapeshifter
    2. Of course not, that would be magic. However, there are many ways to make your audience think that is what you did but they all have tradeoffs.
    3. The move at :30 looks like a Benzais Spin Out found
    4. Michael Ammar's two DVDs (here for $9.99 each There are 3 World's Greatest Magic Cups and Balls DVDs that have a lot of classic routines on them but they are $19.99 each. You shouldn't do cups and balls with sponge balls. You should be using crocheted balls. Stars of Magic has Dai Vernon's Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine which is a good routine.
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  5. I haven't found any video material on this, so I don't know what it looks like. Can you point me towards a video?

    Thanks a lot for all the suggestions on the colour change; I like a lot of what I've seen.

    Any pointers on where to learn them?
    The move at 1:10 seems to be a Srecko Howard pop out move, according to the Magic Café, though there seems to be a similar move by Ken Krenzel.
    Tom Gagnon's Pop Up Move in the Zip-Pop Change in Racherbaumer's Card Finesse II seems to have something to do with the whole thing as well, but I wasn't able to find video material to check on either.
    @RealityOne It certainly looks similar, but as the position of the hands is quite different it seems to be a different handling.

    Concerning the cups and balls: Jamy Ian Swiss's DVD looks good to me, though some reviews state that it's not for the beginner; does anybody own both his and the other DVDs mentioned to give some direct comparison?

    Thanks and all, but is there any way to be more concrete without exposure? (Let's assume making the audience think that is what I did is enough.)
  6. Oh, here!

  7. 3 minutes 48 seconds in. The theory11 forum console removed the time stamp.
  8. Thanks! The effect itself looks good to me, but it's not what I was searching for. I want the card to reappear somewhere completely different, preferably a few feet distance to the performer.
  9. You can still do that with the “principle” I mentioned. This was just a handling that I thought you may have seen.
  10. 1. Bertram and Tony Chang's look best to me.
    Slydini is the basis for a number of other things and is therefore a good one to learn.
  11. In that case, fantastic! Where is this "principle" taught?

    Both look extremely good. Can you say something on how angle-sensitive Tony Chang's is?
    And thanks for the Slydini recommendation :)
  12. Erdnase, even after all these years.

    However, when mastered well, the Paintbrush change looks amazing.

    A vertical snap change with a clean-up looks pretty impossble too.

    A Bertram colour change is visual and impossible-looking, but angly.
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  13. I feel the need to quote myself:

    It is taught on Brad Burt's Magic Shop's old website. I have PMd you the link.
  14. Thanks for the input! Concerning the Paintbrush change, from what little I've seen of either I like Alex Pandrea's take on that a lot, as it looks very smooth.
    Isn't the vertical snap quite angly as well?

    Thanks for the help!
  15. Yeah it is.

    But then, are visual and great colour changes that necessary in real life performances, except if one's style is a ''wanna see something?'' sorta style?

    As far as I have seen, most AMAZING colour changes are all super angly and while in the hands of somebody who has practised it a lot, it may hit real well in real life too, usually colour changes are performed to the camera, where you cannot sustain the interest of the viewer for long and need to do something snappy.
  16. Point taken. It's something I wouldn't want to overuse, but I've been thinking of a few routines in which a colour change would be quite nice.

    Talking of angle sensitivity, how sensitive is Tony Chang's Be Kind Change? That's one of the changes I've seen I like the most.
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    1. Cardini, shapeshifter and snap change.
    I really like them because they are really instant. Probably my favourite is the snap change, because you can use some its variations to change one card in more than one card ( eg. The four aces) and you can use it als on for instant card switches.

    2. I have 2 solutions:
    -This is a method that I saw in a magic show and works better in stage magic. [exposure of effect removed]

    -You can use one of the different methods to get a copy of the spectators signature ( you can find one in the card college which I think you may have).

    I hope that could help you.
  18. Helps a lot, thank you! I am now convinced that I will not use such card teleportation in my (hypothetical) show. I'm sure other magicians could do amazing effects with these principles, but I'm afraid for me, at this stage, it isn't the right thing.

    Thank you for your help, nevertheless! Have great holidays!
  19. I agree, I don’t like much this method because is not really practical,but at the magic show where I saw it, it worked with most of the audience (not with me), but I could understand the method, so I just wanted to share it with you.
  20. I appreciate it! :)

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