Shadow Coins routines.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by chainzero, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. What are your opinions on the shadow coins / chink-a-chink routines? Personally, I think it is one of the most magical looking effects you can do with coins. Fast paced and insanely visual.

    I'm looking for a good source to learn shadow coins (or a chink-a-chink) routine. I don't really like the four coin variations and I don't mind incorporating a gimmick. Any recommendations? I've heard good things about Ammar's Easy to Master Money Miracles vol. 2.
  2. You dont like the four coin ones? Have you seen Daniel Garcias only 4? It is my all time favorite. I think it looks the most magical. In case you have not seen it
  3. Daniel Garcia has really visual shadow coin routine called Sh4de (Shade). You should definitely check that out if your interested
  4. I am familiar with Garcia's Only 4. Personally I don't like the limitations imposed by using only 4 coins (in my opinion, not as clean of a display). I rather make a sacrifice to use something extra and ditch if it means the routine looks cleaner.
  5. it kind of looks like one of Dean Dills coin routines but im not 100% on that ...
  6. Damn! Thats nice. Looks like Kenners routine. Speaking of, thats not marketed is it?

  7. I doubt it......I think Kenner's routine is all skill. Doubt there is a gimmick.
  8. I have the ending for that routine, where all the coins go at once. It's in the MME that I received from Chris and Katie. Really nice and visual. I'm still working on getting it smooth, but definitely worth the time.

    No, this is no gimmick. And I don't think it's marketed anywhere other than the Magic Man Examiner (MME). :D
  9. the best ones i know of uses somthing special or extra coins. nothing wrong with that just a note
  10. Hey Joshua, I know you're a big coin magic fan. Which routines do you think are good? I do have a e[ set so I don't mind using that.
  11. I'm more partial to "matrix" routines than the shadow coins varieties. I like using cards for cover... there's so much more you can do.

    I have a routine with only four coins and one card that I have to film for you guys... I'm hoping to confound a few of you with it. Watch the media section.

  12. Kenner's is the best I've seen. Period.

  13. agree with scott, the routine that are bare handed i like are roths, kenners, and gartners, ammars looks nice too but i never learned it but i think it similar to roths with a different extra
  14. john born has a entire book on matrix types effects if anyone is interested btw
  15. I hear theres this awesome one you can get called Traverse By Calvin Lauber.... hahaha

    ||Calvin Lauber||

    (yeah yeah its me hahaha)

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