Shall I sell some decks?

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  1. Hi I bought SMOKE last weekend, because of thanksgiving, and Im gonna be getting Brown Wynns and White Centurions. What do I have to do, sell them or just use them as normal cards? Thanks!
  2. And if I decide to sell them, how much should each deck cost??
  3. Personally, I would keep them as collector item. I wouldn't sell them or use them. Many people have their own opinion on this subject but I personally enjoy collecting cards, mostly Bicycle brand but any deck that is hard to come across is a keeper in my opinion. I would keep them in the case unopened and put them up for display. Not sure if that's something you would be interested in but that's just my 2 cents on what I would do.

    PS- if that's not what you are interested in doing and you end up selling them, you have an interested buyer here. Either way, let me know what you decide.
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  5. Do yourself a favor and keep them. Theory11 does not sell them anymore. They are a collectors item, sure you can use them. But why would you want to do that? They are nice cards. Keep them in the cellophane and put them up on your shelf to show off.

    Plus, if you did try to sell them. I'm not even sure it would be worth it. Sure, you could get a couple more bucks then they are sold for. But, like I said, I would keep them if I were you. Maybe I'm wrong and they are worth more then I think. I still think you should keep them.

    Those are my two cents. Take and use them as you please.

  6. Keep them. Maybe they will be worth a lot in a few years. :)
  7. Sell that ****.
  8. do not listen to him!
  9. Okay hear me out. What good is two sealed boxes of paper going to do you if you never use them, and why would you use them if they are worth 50-200 bucks? Go check eBay right now and see how much people pay for a deck of White Centurions. Sure, the price may drop because many people now have White Cents and Brown Wynns, but you have an opportunity to make 50 bucks minimum. Look at it this way: you bought Smoke for 50 bucks and got two free decks. No you sell the decks and make 50 bucks. You essentially got Smoke for free. Hell, you can probably get $150 for two decks that would otherwise just be sitting in your room next to your Star Wars action figure display case.
  10. I debated buying something just to get the cards and sell them. Sorry T11 lol. I saw a pack of White Centurions on eBay for $250...
  11. First of all whats wrong with an adult having Star Wars action figures? Oh, you weren't talking about me.

    Anyway, I would totally sell them. If people are willing to pay for them and you are not going to use them then why not sell them? Just think of how great it would be if you sold 2 decks of cards that you got for free and ended up getting 200 bucks for them. You could sell those 2 decks of cards and get a brick of cards you would actually use and still have cash left over.

    SELL 'EM!
  12. Sell em and use some of that money to buy more t11 stuff? That black friday deal was exceedingly generous considering the market value of those decks. If you are going to sell them just consider kicking back some of that money to t11 as a thank you for how absurdly generous they were.
  13. This is what I'm considering when they arrive. I like custom cards but I'd rather someone else with a genuine interest in them have a rare kind of deck for displaying or using. I prefer the ones I can easily replace and I'm a bit afraid of getting too attached to a rare deck. Can't spend that kind of cash on them when they eventually get worn out.
  14. Sell the Cents, keep the Wynns.

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