Shane Black's Conceptions of Mystery

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  1. Shane Black's Conceptions of Mystery
    The facts:

    It is available at his own site for a limited time here:

    It is 25$ USD

    It contains 14 effects from cards, to coins, to baloons

    there is a ncie mix between impromptu and gimmicked effects.

    the effects:
    PIP. 1 - Picture in Picture Card through Bottle

    PIP. 2 - Second Variation of Picture in Picture Card through Draft Glass

    Mental & Proud of It! - A Snappy Opener

    S.F.C.S.E. (Simplest Freaking Card Steal Ever) - Card to Wallet

    Sweetly Done! – Sugar Packet Penetration

    All Head No Substance – Flashy Jumbo Coin Vanish

    Poor Mans Ring Flight – Can I have#19 Please?

    Water of Leaf – Torn and Restored Leaf in the pool

    C.T.B. Live– Signed Card through Box Impromptu

    Casper –Begin clean, End clean, Casper cuts the cards for you!

    B. B. Double - Get your bling bling on with your doubles!

    Clinch’d! – Shooting cards and taking names!

    Snap change on steroids - Warning this can make people actually like you!

    Blown - Needle through balloon gets a make over Black Style!

    The review:

    Now, instead of going over these one by one which would make a long chunk of type I will get down to the nitty gritty. This is a GREAT PDF. it has Shane's Sweetly done, which is also available at PaperCrane magic for about 10$ so, for 15$ more you can get Sweetly Done, which is amazing on it's own, but 13 other GREAT effects as well!

    Now, the book is not all peaches and cream. there are a couple of duds in my mind. P.I.P.2 I find is just a weaker version of P.I.P.1 which is AMAZING and so visual. This ink literally melts into the bottle. Now, with a draft glass for P.I.P. 2 I find that this effect is weakened as it is exposed almost immediately.

    In short: there is something for everybody in this e-book and is a great buy. IT's price is a little steep. But it's full colour pictures, everything is very well thought out and explained in detail

    over all? I would have to say...

  2. Hey Dizzi I appreciate your review I just would like to add a few things to your concerns. P.I.P.2 has been one of my biggest reputation makers in the book itself, even though it may appear simple or obvious I recommend you actually try the effect step by step as taught and I'm sure your opinion will definetly change. As far as the price this is very cheap let me repeat that very cheap for the price.

    There are over 14 actual and practical illusions that have been tested over the past eight years as well as fresh ideas all around, fifty pages in high def pics in color written in a template thats easy to follow. Very few Ebooks are easy to learn from as this one as well as have the material that impacts as does the effects that this book has. I have kept this book as my private set of notes and I plan on selling the content as DVD format later 2010 through Papercrane so the availablity is only an attemp at allowing my closest friends and followers a chance to own written collaboration of ideas before it goes digital. I appreciate you bringing attention to my book and respectfully thank you.


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