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    i have a few tricks that involve the shape shifter simply as what it is, a color change. but it is not consistant, it will work fine and then it gets all crazy, after the move, the card will end up showing the same card, revealing he trick. why is it doing this? i use the same technique everytime and it gets all out of wack. help please?
  2. if you are working on deja vu the Id say just learn the duck change.
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    Its a knack, simply practice. Or you could curl your right ring finger inward which will stop the card.
  4. You either need to 'break in' your deck or to use a newer deck.

    i find that newer decks tend to do shapeshifter perfectly, while worn out ones come out with the same effect as yours.

    anywho, isnt this a bit of exposure? mark DeSouza's own move that is!

    (not trying to be an ass or anything. lol)

    anyways, i think it helps if you 'drag' the card down with your 'deck hand' (Hand where you hold the deck, e.g. left if you're right handed)
  5. yeah I use to have that problem. Just keep practicing. And it'll go awhile in time.

  6. well im right handed and i hold the deck in my right hand, i guess im "goofy handed", but thanks
  7. I just gotta say that shapeshifter is kinda obvious. If you face a heckler, he'll just swipe you off. Maybe another color change might be better.
  8. Well, I think any magician (or heckler, as was said) can see how this is done. It's one of those moves that has become common knowledge.
  9. Are you serious? My Physic's teacher a heckler and he didn't have anything to sat about this. I've never been caught doing this move. I think it is an awesome move if you do it right.

    It only becomes obvious if you keep doing the same colour change over and over again. Just like watching a magic video.

    Cheers, Tom
  10. Quoted for truth.
  11. i dont think its obvious. ive been doing it for the past year- normally a shapeshifter or a shake change. (depending on the crowd)

    the most that i had was the "You flipped it over!" *Swipe top card and turns it over*

    *look of dissapointment*

    just make sure your clean up is fast if you're not confident, and dude, im goofy handed too.

    i'll be honest, i learned it off youtube. hence why im goofy handed >_>
  12. Just make sure you pull your fingers down hard and fast. I know people hate this, but it does take practice. As Joel would say, it's knacky. Dont worry, if you're dedicated and really desire to learn it, it will come.
  13. That's because your doing it wrong. You don't pinch the cards to flip them, you apply pressure and then lift the cards which causes them to snap off the fingers. It's a subtle difference but helps with consistency.
  14. Shapeshifter is an effect that you have to play around with different amounts of pressure. Practice it with confidence. Pulling up or down doesn't really matter. I do a little of both it helps with me minimizing movement.
  15. Don't hold the card (you know what I mean) too loosely, or it will spin 360 degrees. In practicing this move, I aimed for ending with the card bulging upwards. I don't really know how this helped me, but I know that it did, and I can do it perfectly now.

    As an alternative you can put the inside corner against the flesh at the base of your thumb and forefinger. That gets reliable results as well.
  16. if you get the same result everytime your doing something wrong. Its as simple as that.:cool:
  17. i kinda block the card with my finger to stop it going all around event though i dont need to, better safe then sorry
  18. Just give it practice. It's really feely. Some people have better luck using their thumb for propulsion instead of the other instructed finger. There are plenty of other good changes out there, so don't worry if you don't get it right away. My personal favorites are ones similar to Ego or the Coffin Change. Best of luck with your practice!


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