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  1. i have been praticing the shapeshifter for a while. the problem is i have small hands, so i can't do "the move". are there any different handlings i can try? thanks
  2. People with small hands can still do the move. It's all a knack; keep practicing.
  3. Keep practicing practicing practicing practicing. You'll get it soon enough. Try positioning your hands a little differently. If it's not working then you're doing something wrong.

  4. I have tiny hands, It took me a long time to get this move down. it's still not perfect but it's getting there. Just keep practicing.
  5. As said before, small hands are not an excuse. Trust me, I also have small hands also. I mean I can almost not palm a card, but I just had to adjust and make it work. Shapeshifter was also a challenge for me. Try setting it up with different fingers, (pm me if you need help). Keep trying, you'll get it.

  6. i agree with everyone above, I cant palm a card at all, i have the puniest thinnest palm ever, you can see like a cm of the card sticking out when i palm. It took me a while to learn shapeshifter too. the card would always get stuck. Honestly, just keep practicing
  7. Try your shape shifter with 3 instead of two. If that helps.

    Also try doing it without holding the whole deck at first and then add the deck once you get the move.

    Good Luck.
  8. So what if your hands are small? Your hands being small is not a valid excuse for anything in magic, you can work your way around it. Just practice practice practice and you'll get it. I have extraordinary large hands but that doesn't make me any quicker or better with moves.
  9. i wish i had small hands so i could just blame them when things are hard. it took me a year to the shapeshifter good it just takes time
  10. aside from practice, use a different deck. Worn out or old decks tend to be crap when doing shapeshifter. use Crisp, new decks, or the thick Custom decks that E sells. (Non-paid advertisement for Ellusionist custom decks.)
  11. You could always take a look at Daniel Madison's version of the Shapeshifter, it's on the Magic disc of the Dangerous Project. (I think thats right)

    Cheers, Tom
  12. Yup, it's called Colour I believe.
  13. u could aways use them really small decks, they are fun to use but i dont perform with them though
  14. If you're having a hard time with it, i'd recommend Daniel's Colour also. It's based off of the shapeshifter change and it's quite fun to do.
  15. Shape shifter help

    Try to keep your hand lowered at a 45 degree angle with your fingers spaced well. That might help you manuver better.
  16. thanks for the advice, i getting better at it, i also learned daniel madisons color, it is alot of fun to do!
  17. As said before, I recommend color. But another thing that might help is a deck that where cards "pop" well, if you do the shapeshifter move and it makes a popping kind of noise its a good deck for shapeshifter. Bicycles or tally-ho's will work but don't use a bad deck. Keep practicing!

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