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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by white_lynx86, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. basicly, i'm prefer myself as a magician, so i never learn most of the fancy cuts out there, i only concern into flase cut
    but i really love flourish tho..

    these are some of my creations
    comment pls


    Lynx's False Cut

    Double Fan False Cut (Bonus Dribble Tutorial for my friend)

    Twin Swirl False Cut

    False Spiral Cut

    Our (Me and My best friend) most appreciation to USPCC
  2. thanks 4sho dude
  3. I liked all those videos. Most of the cuts that were taught looked good and the bonus video was... WOW. It had a good theme, good music, and good flourishers. It was a great video all around. Nice Job.
  4. Great Job on those cuts:)
  5. @all
    thx, does any one have your fav one?

    i'm a big fan of daryl, so i like my twin swirl one...

    but all of my friend told me that the double fan was the best....

    any comment?

  6. Thanks for sharing, I just stick to swing Cut to do a false cut

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