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  1. Sup y'all,

    There is more magic online than ever before but when I look at magic online I see a lot of repeated material. I'd love to see video that you feel like is rare of magic. Let's share our favorite videos of magic tricks and routines that no one else has seen!

    I chose this from Paul Harris mainly because he rarely performs anymore:
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  2. Those who know me won't be surprised ...
    One of the few times Steve Forte appears in front of a camera:

    I chose this short film sequence because, though gambling demonstrations are hardly rare today, you rarely see the actual sleights executed in such a flawless manner; the center deal technique used is still argued about in some communities.
    Fun Fact: Forte himself insists he performed very poorly on this TV Special, having been very nervous at the time, and only the editing saved the video material. Yeah, right.
  3. All of Ricky Jay's material seems to be rare

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  4. It’s rare in the sense that you see Brad Christian performing magic

  5. That's hilarious! I've never seen that one!
  6. Here's David Blaine on Jon Stewart:
  7. Vernon's vanish at the beginning of this documentary is one of my favorites:

    The whole film is captivating and a great watch.
  8. David is super young
  9. If you aren't familiar with Fred Kaps you should acquaint yourself with his magic. He's outstanding!


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