Sharpie Magic... Thoughts?

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  1. Hello all,

    I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel (link below) featuring some Sharpie magic that I created. I wanted to make the video entertaining so I put a lot of emphasis on the production value. I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for checking it out!


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  2. really nice! you can create a really nice pattern with the "vanishing ink" equivoque. Nice editing too
  3. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!
  4. I think the editing was great on this video! The tenki vanish was telegraphed, but I didn't catch the ditch. So props there. This is going to be nit picking a bit, so please take it with a grain of salt: The beginning you wrote "transpo", which to magicians means something. But to a laymen I'm not sure if that's the best word to use. I would try to shy away from using industry terms.

    There was a hard jump cut on the marker reappearing in the pocket. I'm not sure if that was functional to the revelation or a bad choice of editing. Anytime you do a magical moment you shouldn't use any kind of cut aways otherwise it just kills the magic. Everyone and their sister knows the Bewitched method of making magic happen: Stop the camera, add in object, start the camera = sudden appearance.

    To digress a hot second: The above jump cut advice only applies to videos where the intention is to be about magic. If you want to sell the audience on the idea that it's magic don't use cut aways. If you're just making a cool video that simulates magic but no one is expecting you to be a magician (if that makes any sense) then ignore what I said. You did a good job being entertaining and mission accomplished.

    Well done man. Keep up the good work!
  5. Excellent! Great production value, editing, music, and performance. I particularly liked the production of the index card, the writing of "Vanishing Ink" on it and the vanish using the card itself as shade for the vanish. My one suggestion: When you vanish the index card using the Tenkai, hold the card in BOTH hands instead of just the right hand and fling both hands forward at the moment of tossing the card and vanishing it. And make both hands look the same immediately following the vanishes well. It will make the vanish more deceptive. Even though the one hand Tenkai vanish looks clean, and there is no flash, they can logically reason that it is palmed in the right hand because they saw that it was gripped exclusively by that hand right before the toss/vanish. If you grip it in both hands right up to the moment of the vanish, their eyes as well as their minds will, in a sense, be divided, and so they will not be able to reason that it had to be palmed in your right hand.
  6. The production quality was amazing! My only nit pick is that the magic didn't happen until over a minute into the video. As far as retention goes you want to aim for the first 30 seconds otherwise people will get bored and not want to watch it. The intro was amazing but a bit long winded. The magic was strong so do your best to get people to want to watch it! Otherwise i honestly loved it!

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