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  1. Hey guys, does anyone know of any good sharpie magic or magic with a pen. Any help would be appreciated.
    Wow, I spelled sharpie wrong, I wish I could edit that.
  2. Jay Sankey has a DVD on his website that is nothing but tricks you can do with a sharpie, you should check it out.
  3. Recapped by Greg Wilson is a classic, Sharp by Craig Petty is almost the same thing but made a bit longer and visual. Also, i have a trick of my own called Sharp Focus which is similar in plot compared to Recapped and Sharp but mine is very visual, snappy and direct and finishes quite nicely. Another trick of mine using a pen/sharpie is Pen-dulum which is where you visually take a pencil (or any long and thin cylinder shaped object like a straw) and change it into a Sharpie, ready to go into your next routine such as the ones mentioned earlier. (PM me if you're interested in any one of my original tricks)

    Here's a performance of Recapped (which can be found on Off The Cuff):

    Here's a performance of my Pen-dulum (which is unpublished):

    Hope that helps.
  4. There is the Cobra Sharpie 2.0.
    There is Pen Through Dollar in the Sharpie Version
    There is Super Sharpie
    There is the Sharpie sold at Ellusionist with the Reveal on it

    PS...I fixed your Sharpie Title
  5. Homer Liwag's Marksmanship is one of my favorites and plays big for packing small. Incorporating it into your routine with props you already carry anyways isn't that hard. I would recommend checking it out. There is a video of it somewhere of him doing it completely impromptu at a party. Very nice little trick
  6. I have an entire DVD full of Sharpie magic done with real sharpies. (IE: usable and examinable before and/or after the magic)
  7. what's up with letting me on your pen- dulum effect :)?
  8. I published one in Genii [October 2008] and one in MAGIC [May 2010]. :)

    "Pen-dulum" looks neat, but I don't think it's original.
  9. I am not so sure Pen-dulum is original either as I have watched Rick Merrill perform tons of sharpie and coin moves. His 2006 act won FISM. This particular video doesn't have the exact move as yours but I saw him in 2010 and his act was even better.

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