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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Infected, May 7, 2012.

  1. Does any1 have this ? It seems to good to be true and i dont trust Ellusionist reviews,
  2. It looks amazing. i have heard that it is a little thin for a normal key. But besides that i think its really good.
  3. I read a ton of reviews and it seems that the key is a bit thin compared to most keys on your key ring and it is difficult to get it back to completely 100% flat. Most users complain that even when they try to get the key back to a "normal" state that it still has a slight bend in it.

    Now..keep in mind this is all just me reading others reviews on many websites. I do not own said product.
  4. I watched another magician do it at a club meeting. It looked kinda bent before hand and then the bend wasn't very drastic after hand. It looked like the same effect could have been done with normal key and the older bending methods. Keep in mind it could have been the magicians skill level but it didn't really impress me.
  5. I have the key and it's true, it's really hard to make it 100% straight. The best I've achieved so far is to make it straight, but it has a tiny curve at the very tip, which is not that bad I guess. However, the key is too sensitive. It bends by itself even on room temperature. Not all the way, but it bends enough to be noticeable. I'm still working on it, so as soon as I figure it out completely, I will let you know.
  6. Just received my key and i had no problems in the reset...however the key is thin compared to most keys but still i do have some keys at home that are the same thickness so it wasnt a problem for me
  7. There's actually two versions of the Shift Key. The newer version is a bit thicker and has a bit of a patina to it to make it look more like normal keys. It's also a slightly different formula to make resetting work better. There are a lot of complaints about not being able to straighten it out again, but I know there are ways to do it. I'm not sure if they're included with the product itself, but there is a video they send out when people say they can't get it straight.

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