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  1. wasuppppppp!!!

    Latley i have been getting alot of emails asking me for a few tips on the Shinobi Control.. so i wil try to answer them as much as i can right here... ofcourse without revealing too :D

    #1 The Shinobi Control can be done very slow. Trust me try it out. Theres no need to do the move super fast. On a session i had with Mr. Tony Chang

    He pointed out that the move looks sexy slow also.. so credits to him!

    #2. Trust me, its all in the Thumbs! if you got the video, you know what i mean!
    Utilize that thumb!!!!

    ..more to come!
  2. I don't understand how it could be done very slow... :confused:

    I've done it several times slow in order to get it down smoothly and it's obvious how it's done at that speed.
  3. I can see how you might think that, and it is true that laymen could easily figure out how the control is done when you do it slowly, but only if you let on that something is fishing.

    I mentioned in a different post that the shinobi control falls into a category with other sleights like the convincing control or bluff pass. It is not a sleight where you are hiding exactly what you are doing, like in a classic pass, venus trap, or cherry control. It is a sleight where you are outright showing what you are doing, but playing it off as something completely natural.

    In this sense, if you are totally convicted to the actions your hands are performing, and give complete confidence to your audience that what you are doing is at it seems (or supposed to seem), then when done very slowly, as Tony said, it looks "sexy" and clean.

    You might not want to be glaring at your hands when you do it, but you can totally play it off slowly and cleanly.

    Gotta give more credit to yourself and your control of your audience. Do not be quick as to say "they will figure out how it is done if done slowly."
  4. hey guys!

    the way i slowed the shinobi control down was by speeding up the thumb and slowing the turn of the wrist.. if you seen the video this will make alot of sense..

    i was browsing youtube and i seen kiddies butchering the shinobi.. they totally lost the whole concept of the move..

    every magician has different preforming speeds. Just adjust the shinobi to your speed and flow.

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    Speaking of butchering the control, when I first saw your 1-on-1 of the shinobi control, I went to youtube to see people performing it. I found this: (Link removed so as to not unintentionally expose control)

    Immediately put it in my favorites folder, entitled FAIL. He clearly just went and bought it and tried to look cool or something, that was very choppy and obviously didn't have much practice in it.

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