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  1. Shipping costs for decks of cards is expensive when you live in England :p. I can't buy for example limited decks from artofplay, theory 11 or similar sites unless I want a 10 dollar shipping fee and roughly a 21 day wait ;/
  2. Yep.

    Shipping has gotten more expensive across the board here in the US.
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  3. yea shipping is nuts right now. I just purchased a vinyl record from the UK and it was over $40 because of shipping which is insane!
  4. ikr
  5. not much you can do other than pay it. It isn't the fault of the companies that charge it, that's what they are paying to ship
  6. One thing to keep in mind is that the more you order the more economical the ship cost gets. The MINIMUM charge for USPS First Class is $14 I believe. If you were to ship an empty box, that is what it would cost. If you ship one deck to the UK, the shipping costs more than the deck. Not very economical.

    If you ordered 24 decks, you could get DHL Express for about $40. Yea, that whole order is expensive, but lets break it down.

    Ship cost per deck, one deck = $14.00
    Ship cost per deck, twenty four decks = $1.66

    While the whole order is more expensive, it is MUCH cheaper (per deck) to ship more decks. That, and USPS First Class takes up to 21 days, while DHL Express takes up to 3 days. You would get a much better value and ship speed with more decks.

    If a larger order is not in the cards for you, you could potentially get together with friends for a larger combined order, or you could take a look at magic shops in your area.

    // L
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  7. (First post here, yay!)

    Lyle, is there a database somewhere of local magic shops? I grew up in the Los Angeles area, lived here all my life, and the only "magic shop" I know of is in Las Vegas. Sure, Target has a nice selection of Theory11 cards, but as far as I know that's only very recently.
  8. Not that I am aware of. I would Google "Magic Shop Los Angeles" to find out if there are shops near you.

    The Magic Apple is in the area, that I do know. I don't know what they carry of ours right now, but worth checking out!

    // L
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  9. Thanks Lyle, that's not too far from my folks' home!

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